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About Victoria

Hello! I’m Victoria Sharp, a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer and Registered Vascular Technology (ARDMS & RVT). molly, the one sharp mama dog

The WHY :

I started this blog to share our story of infertility struggles, pregnancy complications and to show and find support of other parents and parents to be. I also have a touch of OCD and figured I’d share some organizational tips and tricks.

I’ve never been completely comfortable in the kitchen, so what better way to feel more comfortable than to make yourself spend more time there in order to share these recipes with you. I also hoped that maybe someday this could make me some money and I could afford to stay home with our daughter.

Some FACTS : 

  • When I started One Sharp Mama, I was still working full time outside the home as an ARDMS Sonographer (Ultrasound Technologist). As the time went on, I have been able to cut back working outside the home, while still earning an income from One Sharp Mama.
  • Originally, ultrasound wasn’t what I thought I wanted to do with my life. I went to Towson University for my undergrad. I graduated early with my B.S. in Exercise Science and then my ultimate professional career goal was to basically be Jillian Michaels. I wanted to help people learn to lose weight and develop a healthy lifestyle to continue to live that way. I wanted to end childhood obesity- huge goal, right?!
  • .I traveled a lot when I was younger. I taught, trained and competed in martial arts for many years. Competitions took us all over the world and the States. I homeschooled through high school to be able to continue training and competing. It was my passion and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.
  • I have to have the volume on an even number unless it’s on an increment of 5– Dave complied to that early on in the relationship. Anddddd I can’t stand for the microwave to have leftover time displayed on it, press the darn clear button already. I know it all sounds silly but these are the quirks that make me me, and I’ve learned to embrace them.

My Other Half, My Rock, My Fairy-tale Husband, the Marshall to my Lily (yes, that’s a HIMYM reference- because it’s our favorite show): 

My husband, Dave, is pretty freaking perfect in my eyes. He makes me the happiest I have ever been, without even trying. He keeps me level headed and loves me unconditionally. He’s an incredible father and loves our daughters so much. There is nothing more attractive than being a fantastic father to your child. Wedding, husband

We met unconventionally. I had just moved to the Eastern Shore with my best friend. I took on my first full time position as a, Sonographer, at a small town hospital and was previously commuting an hour and a half each way every day. That stuff got old, real quick. Anyway, I decided to make an online profile, more as a way of entertainment than anything else.

I never thought I would meet my future husband there. I made rules for myself and said I would never go on a date with someone I met online unless I knew someone who knew them in person. No catfish schemes for me.

One night I was perusing the profiles and stumbled on Dave’s page. I read his profile and he sounded pretty awesome. I decided that I would go out of my comfort zone and message him first. I NEVER do anything like that. I’m a shy person but I figured if he didn’t respond, it wouldn’t matter because this was all online, no in person humiliation.

Much to my surprise, he messaged back. We started talking and he asked what I did for a living. I told him I worked at this small, local hospital and blah, blah, blah. He said Oh, you probably know my friends who work there but he didn’t name names.

Being as it was a small hospital with a small radiology department, I took a guess and as I did, some of the dots started connecting in this picture. I asked if it was friend X and friend Y, as they lived around where we both did and worked with me. He confirmed it was those friends. Once he did that, I realized who he was.

He was my coworkers husbands best friend. I had heard dozens of stories about him and didn’t realize it. That coworker was out on maternity leave currently but I remembered everything she had said about Dave. He seemed like a genuinely good guy.

First date, puppy love, new love

Our first date.

We decided to meet up for dinner at the sushi place within walking distance from my house. We hit it off immediately. We clicked perfectly and have been inseparable ever since, spending only a handful of nights apart. We weren’t together long before we started talking about a serious future together of marriage and kids.

We had both been in relationships that were huge failures and we knew what we wanted in a husband and wife. We started dating in October of 2013, by September of 2104, we were engaged (he asked in the parking lot of our favorite sushi restaurant where we went on our first date- he was too excited and nervous to wait until we got inside) and married in May 2015. When you know, you know! ?

Engagement ring

Husband, wife, just married

We are extremely lucky that both of our families get along so well. In fact we have regular game nights with family and friends. Not many people can say they love their in laws like we can or even that their in laws get along with their own family. God truly meant for us to be together.

So, now WHAT?

Want to hear about our journey through infertility issues and becoming a parent to our beautiful little Caroline?

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Monday 12th of June 2017

I just had to comment because your dating-engaged-marriage timeline is exactly the same as mine with my husband (except for the years). I started dating my husband in October '06, was engaged September '07, and married in May '08. :)

Tuesday 13th of June 2017

Aww that awesome Amy! We both said when you know you've found the one, you just know it. What's the point in waiting? I'm glad you and your husband had a similar experience ? It's pretty freaking awesome. Congrats on 9 years of marriage and counting!