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60+ Biblical Baby Girl Names

60+ Biblical Baby Girl Names

Are you in search of a beautiful, timeless name for your baby girl? Look no further than the Bible. With its rich history and beautiful language, it’s the perfect place to find inspiration for a unique and meaningful name for your daughter. Here are 60+ biblical baby girl names that are both beautiful and timeless.

Some may even give you beautiful vintage baby girl name vibes.

When it comes to Biblical baby girl names, there are a wide variety of options. From classic Old Testament names like Sarah and Esther to fresh New Testament picks like Abigail and Lydia, parents can find the perfect name for their daughters.

Even better, many Biblical names have wonderful meanings behind them, making them even more special. If you’re looking for inspiration for your baby girl’s name, consider some of these popular Biblical choices. 

Adam named his wife “Eve,” which means ‘mother of all the living (Gen. 3:20, NIV).’ Eve and Evelyn are still common names for girls, despite the passing millennia.

Other names to christen a girl with are Rose, as in the ‘Rose of Sharon,’ Lily as in ‘Lily of the Valley,’ or Jordan, as in the country next door to Israel or Carmel, which is a city.

Many parents name their girls after Christian gifts, like Faith, Hope, Charity or Grace.

Other names like Zipporah or Asenath, Moses’ and Joseph’s wives, are monikers that are not often considered naming a daughter with.

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Christian Women in the New Testament

The usual Biblical names for girls are those of saints described in the New Testament.

  •      Mary, the most common name because several women shared it, like Jesus Christ’s mother, Mary Magdalene, and the sister of Martha
  •      Joanna, a woman cured by Jesus who later traveled with and financially supported him (Luke 8:3)
  •      Susanna, a woman cured by Jesus who later traveled with and financially supported him (Luke 8:3)
  •      Elizabeth, Mary’s cousin
  •      Martha, a fussy hostess who served Jesus
  •      Priscilla, wife of Aquila
  •      Junias, outstanding among the apostles
  •      Phoebe, a messenger sent by Paul to Rome
  •      Dorcas, a beloved woman who could make garments
  •      Tabitha, another name for Dorcas
  •      Lydia, a businesswoman who sold cloth
  •      Rhoda, a teenager
  •      Julia, who lived in Rome (Rom. 16:15)
  •      Lois, Timothy’s grandmother
  •      Eunice, Timothy’s mother
  •      Claudia (II Tim. 4:21)

Other women’s names in the New Testament, not necessarily Christian, were Bernice, the wife of King Agrippa, Drusilla, the Jewish wife of Governor Felix, and of course, Diana of the Ephesians, a false idol worshipped as a goddess.

Old Testament Biblical Names for Girls

Sarah, Rebekah, Leah and Rachel were the Jewish matriarchs, their names still current for a baby girl. Zilpah and Bilhah were also matriarchs, Jacob’s concubines, but they wore the odd names.

Dinah was Jacob’s only mentioned daughter in the Bible, though he had others ignored in the genealogies. Other Women in the Old Testament were:

  •      Miriam, Moses’ sister
  •      Deborah, the only female judge in Israel
  •      Ruth, great-grandmother to King David and mentioned in Jesus Christ’s genealogy (Mt. 1:5)
  •      Naomi, Ruth’s mother-in-law
  •      Hannah, Samuel’s mother who desperately prayed to have a son
  •      Michal, King Saul’s daughter and the first wife of King David
  •      Abigail, one of King David’s wives who was very godly
  •      Maacah, Haggith, Abital, Eglah and Abishag, David’s other wives
  •      Esther, the main character of the Book of Esther who became the Queen of Persia when she married King Artaxerxes
  •      Tamar is the name of two different women, Judah’s daughter-in-law noted in Jesus’ genealogy and later the beautiful daughter of King David 

Other females mentioned in the Old Testament that probably no one will name a baby after are Mahalath, Adah, Oholibamah and Basemath, the four wives of Esau, or Shiphrah and Puah, midwives during the time of the Exodus. Mahlah, Noah, Hoglah, Milcah and Tirzah were sisters who inherited their father’s land because they didn’t have any brothers. Below are some more unique names.

Other women mentioned in the Bible were Queen Vashti, Esther’s predecessor, and many of the Jewish kings’ mothers: Abijah, Mahalath, Azubah, Athaliah, Zibiah, Jehoaddin, Jacoliah, Jerusha and Abijah.

Then there are the so-called “Bad Girls of the Bible,” such as Delilah, Jezebel, Sapphira and Gomer (wife of the prophet Hosea). Other “bad girls” had a change of heart to become “good girls” and great Biblical heroines: Rahab, the harlot who helped Joshua, and Bathsheba, the married lady David fell in love with who became the inspiration for the Proverbs 31 passage.

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​More Girl Bible Names

Here are 25 biblical baby girl names that are both beautiful and timeless. 

Abigail – This name has a Hebrew origin and it means “my father’s joy” and is associated with wisdom and beauty. For many years, this was one of the most popular names. 

Elizabeth – It’s a beautiful name meaning “God is my oath,” Elizabeth is a classic name that has been used for centuries. Elizabeth was also the mother of John the Baptist. You could call her Lizzi, as a form of Elizabeth.

Deborah – This name means “bee” in Hebrew and is associated with wisdom and strength.

Hannah – Meaning “grace” in Hebrew, this name was borne by Samuel’s mother in the Old Testament. A pretty, old testament name may be just what you are looking for. It’s a beautiful baby girl name for sure.

Esther – This Persian name means “star” and was borne by the brave Jewish queen who saved her people from destruction. It’s a traditional name from the Christian bible.

Miriam – This Hebrew name means “sea of bitterness” and was borne by the sister of Moses.

Ruth – Meaning “companion” or “friend” in Hebrew, Ruth is a timeless name that has been popular for centuries.

Sarah – This name means “princess” in Hebrew and was borne by the wife of Abraham. It’s a simple name for a young girl.

Rachel – Meaning “ewe” in Hebrew, Rachel is a classic name that has been popular for centuries.

Naomi – This name means “pleasantness” in Hebrew and was borne by the mother-in-law of Ruth.

Leah – This Hebrew name means “weary” or “cow” and was borne by the first wife of Jacob. This is a common name that has stood the test of time. 

Keziah – This Hebrew name means “cassia tree” and was borne by one of the daughters of Job. This is a unique name for your little princess.

Olive – This name of English origin means “olive tree” and is associated with peace.

Phoebe – This Greek name means “bright” or “shining” and is borne by a woman mentioned in the New Testament.

Rebekah – Meaning “to tie or bind” in Hebrew, Rebekah was the wife of Isaac in the Old Testament.

Lydia – Meaning “from Lydia” in Greek, Lydia is also the name of a woman mentioned in the New Testament.

Selah – This Hebrew name means “pause, reflection” and is used frequently in the Book of Psalms. This is a more unique name than others.

Hannah – Meaning “grace” in Hebrew, this name was borne by Samuel’s mother in the Old Testament.

Damaris – This name of Greek origin means “gentle” or “calf” and is mentioned in the New Testament. It’s not as popular as other names on this list and an sound a little like a last name. 

Bethany – This Hebrew name means “house of figs” and is best known as the name of the village where Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.

Abijah – This sweet name is a Hebrew name which means “my father is Yahweh” and was born by several women in the Bible.

Mara – This is a great name meaning “bitter” in Hebrew, Mara is the name given to Naomi by herself after all of her sons and husband have died.

Eden – This Hebrew name means “delight” or “paradise” and was the name of the Garden of Eden in the Bible.

Salome – This Hebrew name means “peace” and is borne by a number of women in the New Testament.

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Choosing a name for your baby girl is an important decision, and using a name with biblical roots can make it even more meaningful. Whether you’re looking for a classic name with a long history or something unique and underused, the Bible is a great place to find inspiration.

These 60+ biblical baby girl names are just a few examples of the rich variety of names available in the Bible. No matter what name you ultimately choose for your daughter, we hope you find the perfect name that reflects the love and joy you feel for her.

With classic and traditional names and a few unique biblical girl names, there are plenty to choose from. If you’re still searching, we hope you found a name on this list, or maybe you need to try out our Name Generator. You’re in the right place for finding plenty of baby girl names. 

Did you pick out a New Testament name or an Old Testament name? 

Though the Bible contains many more names for boys than girls, there are still enough of them to choose from for parents who want to give their little girl a Biblical name.

Want some more old fashioned names? Try these old fashioned names for girls.

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