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150+ Middle Names for Eloise (Elegant & Sweet)

150+ Middle Names for Eloise (Elegant & Sweet)

Congratulations! You’re having a baby girl and you’ve chosen the pretty and vintage name, Eloise. Finding a perfect middle name to go with Eloise takes some thoughtful planning. It needs to be just as sweet as her.

We scoured our lists and came up with 150 cute middle names for Eloise that we absolutely adore. From sophisticated middle names like Carrington to popular middle names like Grace and Hope, this great middle names list is the best place to start.

Not only are we going to give you 150 of the best middle names for Eloise, but read on to learn the meaning of Eloise, and the popularity of the name, too.

Meaning of the Name Eloise

Eloise is a beautiful and timeless name. From Latin origin, the name is a variation of Louise, meaning “a famous warrior”.

It also means a famous warrior from German origin, but the name’s meaning is different when the variation comes from Heloise.

From the original name Heloise, Eloise is of French origin and English origin with the name meaning “healthy; wide”.

From Eloise, there are different ways to spell this name as well as variations of the name: Eloisa, Eloiza, Eloisee, Eloize, Eloizee, and Heloise.

Eloise, Latin, meaning “a famous warrior”

Eloise, German, meaning “famous warrior”

Eloise, from Heloise, French & English, meaning “healthy; wide”

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Popularity of the Name Eloise

A first name like Eloise is dainty and beautiful. It’s an elegant name, and it’s gaining popularity in baby girl names. It is now ranked #109 (in 2021) as the most popular name in the United States. In recent years, this name has seen a rise in popularity moving from #999 in 2008.

While the jump seems large, only 2528 babies were given the name Eloise in 2021. We’d still consider it one of the more unique names for baby girls.

According to the Social Security Administration data, the name Eloise didn’t even crack the top 1000 of baby names prior to 2008.

There’s been a resurgence of old-fashioned names, so it’s no surprise that a name as beautiful as Eloise has become a popular baby’s name for a little girl.

It’s in no way going to cross the threshold of top baby names, so you’re good! Now let’s get to choosing the best middle name for your sweetheart.

Eloise in Pop Culture

Just about everyone has read the book Eloise or seen the movie Eloise at the Plaza. This endearing tale tells the story of rascally Eloise who lives with her Nanny at the Plaza Hotel.

You’ll notice on this list of names, that we pulled from the book by adding Saylor and Sabine, Eloise’s dolls who had the most “terriblest accident”.

If you’re a fan of this book, then you can’t go wrong adding Sabine and Saylor to your shortlist of middle names.

We did not, however, include Skipperdee as a possible name, but we won’t judge you if you go all in on Eloise at the Plaza. They sure would be top choice for a unique middle name for Eloise.

A sleeping little baby Eloise waiting on a middle name.

Middle Names for Eloise

Now, without further ado, here’s our list of 150 middle names for Eloise.

  1. Eloise Adele
  2. Eloise Alexandra
  3. Eloise Alice
  4. Eloise Alma
  5. Eloise Amelia
  6. Eloise Ashley
  7. Eloise Aurora
  8. Eloise Beatrice
  9. Eloise Blair
  10. Eloise Blythe
  11. Eloise Briar
  12. Eloise Bronwen
  13. Eloise Brooklyn
  14. Eloise Bryony
  15. Eloise Cade
  16. Eloise Cadence
  17. Eloise Cailin
  18. Eloise Callan
  19. Eloise Canisa
  20. Eloise Caroline
  21. Eloise Carrington
  22. Eloise Cassia
  23. Eloise Cassidy
  24. Eloise Cerise
  25. Eloise Chablis
  26. Eloise Charlotte
  27. Eloise Chesney
  28. Eloise Christina
  29. Eloise Claire
  30. Eloise Clare
  31. Eloise Colette
  32. Eloise Colette
  33. Eloise Corday
  34. Eloise Cordelia
  35. Eloise Corina
  36. Eloise Cosette
  37. Eloise Daisy
  38. Eloise Dalia
  39. Eloise Danielle
  40. Eloise Dayton
  41. Eloise Delaney
  42. Eloise Dominique
  43. Eloise Elizabeth
  44. Eloise Emena
  45. Eloise Emily
  46. Eloise Esther
  47. Eloise Eva
  48. Eloise Evelyn
  49. Eloise Faith
  50. Eloise Fallon
  51. Eloise Fay
  52. Eloise Felicia
  53. Eloise Frances
  54. Eloise Gabrielle
  55. Eloise Gardenia
  56. Eloise Genevieve
  57. Eloise Georgia
  58. Eloise Giada
  59. Eloise Gianna
  60. Eloise Giselle
  61. Eloise Grace
  62. Eloise Greer
  63. Eloise Greta
  64. Eloise Gwyneth
  65. Eloise Halina
  66. Eloise Hannah
  67. Eloise Harper
  68. Eloise Hazel
  69. Eloise Heidi
  70. Eloise Helene
  71. Eloise Hensley
  72. Eloise Hilde
  73. Eloise Hope
  74. Eloise Isla
  75. Eloise Jaden
  76. Eloise Jael
  77. Eloise Jennifer
  78. Eloise Jinelle
  79. Eloise Joele
  80. Eloise Jordan
  81. Eloise Jorgina
  82. Eloise Josephine
  83. Eloise Joy
  84. Eloise Julia
  85. Eloise Juniper
  86. Eloise Kallan
  87. Eloise Kaprice
  88. Eloise Katherine
  89. Eloise Keaton
  90. Eloise Khloe
  91. Eloise Landry
  92. Eloise Lane
  93. Eloise Lavinia
  94. Eloise Linden
  95. Eloise London
  96. Eloise Mackenzie
  97. Eloise Madeline
  98. Eloise Madison
  99. Eloise Maia
  100. Eloise Mallory
  101. Eloise Marcella
  102. Eloise Margaret
  103. Eloise Maribel
  104. Eloise Maya
  105. Eloise Naomi
  106. Eloise Natalie
  107. Eloise Natasha
  108. Eloise Nicole
  109. Eloise Nora
  110. Eloise Nova
  111. Eloise Odele
  112. Eloise Olivia
  113. Eloise Ordell
  114. Eloise Patrice
  115. Eloise Payton
  116. Eloise Peyton
  117. Eloise Raleigh
  118. Eloise Ramona
  119. Eloise Regan
  120. Eloise Renee
  121. Eloise Rhea
  122. Eloise Robin
  123. Eloise Ruby
  124. Eloise Sabina
  125. Eloise Sabrina
  126. Eloise Sabine
  127. Eloise Saylor
  128. Eloise Samantha
  129. Eloise Samara
  130. Eloise Sara
  131. Eloise Sasha
  132. Eloise Savannah
  133. Eloise Sawyer
  134. Eloise Scout
  135. Eloise Selma
  136. Eloise Serenity
  137. Eloise Shelby
  138. Eloise Sheridan
  139. Eloise Simone
  140. Eloise Talia
  141. Eloise Talon
  142. Eloise Tate
  143. Eloise Taylor
  144. Eloise Theodora
  145. Eloise Tiegan
  146. Eloise Valerie
  147. Eloise Vanessa
  148. Eloise Vida
  149. Eloise Whitley
  150. Eloise Wynne
  151. Eloise Yardley
  152. Eloise Zara
  153. Eloise Zo
A girl, Eloise, playing with text overlay about choosing a middle name.

Where to Find More Middle Names for Eloise

Beloved Family Member

If you have a beloved family member whose name you love, consider giving your baby their first, middle, or even last name as their middle name.

Using a family name is a great way to honor the generations of family in your tree. But before you settle on a middle name, test it out to see if it flows with Eloise and your last name.

Test out Baby’s Initials

If you love making and receiving monogrammed blankets and dresses for your little one, make sure you do an initial check to make sure the baby’s full initials don’t spell out anything regretful.

Consider the Meaning of a Name & Siblings Names

Another great way to search for a middle name is to do a reverse search based on the meaning of a name. For example, if you’re looking for a name that means “small”, you might select Brooke or Lane as a middle name for your baby.

Choosing the meaning first can help you find unique middle names that you might not have otherwise thought of in your search.

You can also use some baby name generators that are readily available online. You’ll find your baby’s name, plus lots of cute nicknames. You may even find some “not so cute” nicknames, so choose those middle names wisely!

When you’re naming your baby, consider how their name and middle name flow with their siblings’ names. You’re going to have to call them all for dinner and you don’t want to trip over their names for the rest of your life.

We hope this list of 150 middle names helps you find the beautiful middle name for your sweet little girl.

Are you going to have a nickname for your Eloise? It’s already the perfect first name, but if you’re looking to shorten it more with a common nickname, you could call her Ellie- it’s another nice old fashioned name that would be a lovely name for Eloise with whatever nice middle name you have picked out.

Now that you have a sweet middle name for your Eloise, are you ready with the best bottles for her? The best baby bottle soaps to clean those bottles with? What about the best stroller to push your gorgeous daughter Eloise around in?

Is Eloise having a brother one day? You may need to check out these baby boy names that would go with Eloise, like James or Maverick.

If you’re having trouble, check out the baby name generator that can help you find the most popular baby names for your little bundle of joy. Good luck picking a beautiful name for your baby.

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