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8 ways to save money on diapers

This post is for all my mama friends, mama to be’s, people who are striving to be mama’s, anybody trying to provide for children of some sort! The price of diapers can be expensive, so use these tips to help save money on diapers!

Let’s talk Diapers for a minute…. These disposable things are ridiculous. They are so pricey.

They come in so many brands. How do you know where to start?!?! Each brand can fit the child differently.

Update 2/10/2020.

Each brand can hold different amounts of pee andddd poop, yup, I said it poop :). Time to find ways to save money on diapers!

Find out 8 different ways to save money on diapers. Disposable diapers are pricey, you can find ways to cut back the costs. Parenting is expensive. Save the money! #budgeting #diaper #nappie #diaperstockpile

Who do we love this time around?

For, us, for our first daughter, Pampers Swaddlers is what works. We tried other brands. We tried store brands and no name brands to save some $$.

Unfortunately, they didn’t fit her right and caused major leakage— you know what that meant- screaming wet baby, changing the sheets in the middle of the night and another sleepless night.

Money wasted down the drain. We tried Huggies, for her they just didn’t hold as much and keep her as dry as Pampers did. So for her specifically, Pampers Swaddlers are what works. Every baby is different.

You must realize that.

Ways to Save Money on Diapers

Subscribe and Save with Amazon

Now that you get that, let’s talk ways to save money on these little diaper devils. Plus ways to get money back in your pocket!

Did you know if you use Amazon Subscribe and Save, not only do they automatically deliver diapers to your door, you save 5-15 % a month on diapers and other items you put on your Amazon Family Subscribe and Save Plan!

Mega momming win if you ask me. No lugging the kids to the store, using gas money and buying extra stuff at the store that you don’t need.

Have you seen the ads from Target? Quite frequently, they run promotions where you can get a free $XX Gift Card with a $XX Baby Purchase. This was easy for us to do.

On those weeks they were running promotions, we’d stock up on our Hypoallergenic Alimentum Formula (so glad we are through that stage!), as well as our diapers and wipes supply.

So, we’d get the diapers and wipes on sales plus get a free gift card to use on future baby supply purchases.

Target also has “Cartwheel” app. It used to be its own app, but, now it has been combined with the regular Target App. You can find extra coupons that can be combined with the Baby Supply Promotional’s that they run AND it can be combined with any paper coupons that you have.

I think there should be a parenting handbook for new parents to learn the parenting life tips. One of the things that should be taught is how to save money on diapers. Parenting can be expensive, lets share ways to have a baby on a budget. Saving money tips don't have to be skipped when having a baby. Planning for baby means stocking up on diapers using these new mom tips. #newmom #parenting #diapers #babybudget #budgeting #budgetitips #moneysavingtips #moneytips

Rebate Apps

Snap quick pics of your receipts, take a few seconds and scan the barcodes of your products to earn points that can be converted to Paypal payments, Amazon Gift Cards, and all sorts of other fun prizes, products and rewards.

I know I have shared these apps before in another post on how we get paid to shop, but, these are some apps worth bringing up again.

It all adds up so quickly that you truly can’t afford to miss out. My favorite is Ibotta. You can use it for so many things and it is so easy to use.

Receipt Pal is another easy one. Checkout 51 and of course my favorite website that also has an app is Ebates. (Now Ebates is called Rakuten. )

If you’re looking to learn more about these types of things, check out the How we get paid to shop post!

Local Newspaper

Time to grab the good ole’ fashion Sunday Local Newspaper. They still have a coupon section in our area and you can almost always find diaper and wipe coupons in there.

My mother in law will occasionally clip some coupons and send them our way. I’m always so appreciative of any of the extra ones we can get our hands on.

Diaper Brand Websites Offer Ways to Save

Most diaper brand websites will even have coupons that you can download and print to use. Check the fine print on these.

Sometimes they can only be used in certain stores, during certain times and only by themselves, not combined with any other offer.

But, we have been to Pampers and printed a couple coupons before. This is one of the simple and easy ways to save money on diapers.

Brand Rewards Programs Help Save Money

Like I said before, we love Pampers. So, we signed up for the Pampers Rewards Program. With each pack of diapers that you buy, you will get a little reward number that you enter in your app. These numbers translate into points.

These points add up and you can turn them in for fun rewards for you, your little one and your family. You can get little subscriptions, books, coupons, etc.

The offers are constantly changing and keep updating so make sure to check it out. I keep saving my points for more diaper coupons!

I save these extra coupons to combine with the Target promos and cartwheel promos because, for me, in our area, that’s our best deal for the diapers that work for our daughter.


Facebook Swap and Sell and Facebook Mom Groups

There are a ton of these all over Facebook. You can find tons of groups where moms are selling diapers their kids grew out of or diapers they can’t use.

Tons of open boxed diapers. As long as you can find a reputable person to buy from, I’d say go for it.

I have quite a few mom friends who have sold clothes, diapers, unopened wipes, etc. all over these mom groups. They’re making back some of the money that they would otherwise lose for not being able to do anything with these items.

It’s also giving other families a break on how much these supplies cost. Win – win all around.

Baby sitting in diaper with text overlay that says money saving tips on diapers that every mom should know.

Check local thrift and consignment shops

Our local shop occasionally has diapers. I have also found brand new bottles, wipes, swaddle blankets, boppy covers, etc there too. So, always be on the look out.

It’s a great place for you to consign or sell any of your unused items as well. You can put your earnings towards future supplies or whatever you need.

I hope these ideas help you save some extra money while you stock up on your baby supplies. I know this is not a complete list of every single way possible to save money on them.

Obviously, if your child can wear store brand names, that would be even cheaper.

Keep in mind, some babies can and some can not. Don’t stress over it. Feel free to share your ideas to save money in the comments below, we’d love to hear them!

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Happy Parenting!

Baby crawling in diaper with text overlay about building a diaper stockpile
baby standing in diaper with text overlay that says 8 ways to save money on diapers


Friday 12th of April 2019

Great tips and I forgot about amazon warehouse. Expecting another grand baby so this will be helpful.

samantha a brooks

Friday 7th of September 2018

Pampers swaddlers are like the best diaper! My first two babies would leak through any other brand, until they got some size to them (babies 3 and 4 were over 9 pounds and over 10 pounds, they didn't have fit problems with diapers). Then we switched to Luvs. But when I was buying diapers I tried to never buy diapers w/o a coupons. and our local grocery chain would give you a $20 coupon for every $100 in diapers you spent there (BEFORE coupons!).

Erin @ Her Heartland Soul

Friday 16th of February 2018

Bookmarking this for when I have kids!

Ozum | Mama Mingo

Friday 16th of February 2018

I've never heard of swap & sell mom groups before; what a great idea. I will definitely check that out, thanks! I'm also new to Ibotta and so far so good!

Lindsay | Splendiferous Mama

Tuesday 13th of February 2018

What great ideas! I've definitely used the Facebook buy sell trade pages and gotten some good deals. I need to look into the cartwheel app!