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Mistakes First-Timers Make at Disney World All the Time

Mistakes First-Timers Make at Disney World All the Time

There is a lot of conventional wisdom about approaching a Walt Disney World vacation, but there are still some mistakes first-timers often make. If you want to visit Walt Disney World for the first time next year, here is some advice about the mistakes first-timers make at Disney World.

Booking the Wrong Dates

When you book your Walt Disney World vacation, you have to be very careful about how many days you plan.

Check and double-check your dates.

If you don’t, you may wind up missing an important day on your trip. Be aware that travel days (arrival and departure) don’t leave much room for anything other than checking in.

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This means that you may have seven days blocked off for your trip, but only five days for park visits and other attractions.

It’s easy to plan your arrival day, but forgetting that you can’t have a full park day on the date of your departure is one of the common mistakes first-timers make at Disney World.

Park Hopper Passes

Some people swear by park hopper options, but it’s a huge upcharge that you may not even use.

The availability and options for Park Hopping has changed so much since Covid. So, be sure to keep aware of Disney’s current Covid restrictions and policies so you know if you are truly able to take advantage of Park Hopping or not.

Park hopping is not always a great way to use your time, to begin with, so paying extra for the privilege to choose is usually a mistake.

When you buy the park hopper option on your ticket package, it applies to every single day.

That means you pay just as much, whether you park hop once, twice, or never.

Unless your trip has a very quick turn-around, stay away from this option. It’s often cheaper to just buy an extra ticket on a day you want to park hop.

Park Hopper Plus is an even worse idea from a value perspective.

As mentioned before, check to see if Disney is still offer the option to Park Hop if you really think that’s something you and your family are interested in.

Disney has been talking about getting rid of this option and even changing over to other options and ways to offer ticket services as well.

Planning Too Much

Planning is an important part of a Disney vacation.

It’s fun, too.

Some things have to be planned. Although lately, a lot of what we’ve taken for granted the last several years has changed on us.

Regardless, there is a big difference between doing your homework and over-planning.

For one thing, you need to be prepared for things to go wrong. If you over-plan, there is more opportunity for disappointment. T

here is also the danger of getting so wrapped up in your itinerary that you forget to have fun.

One great way to walk away from Disney World with a bad first impression is to try to do too much.

I can’t stress that enough!

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Not Taking a Break

There are four theme parks in addition to two water parks at Walt Disney World.

You can easily play too hard and wear yourself out. Going too fast for too long can be bad on your health and ruin your enjoyment of a vacation that’s supposed to be fun.

There are so many great resorts and other recreational activities at Disney World, so plan some downtime for a casual experience between crowded park days.

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Getting to the Park Late

One of the biggest mistakes first-timers make at Disney World is getting to the theme parks too late. This is especially important when the Parks are operating at limited capacity.

You have to make reservations to get into the Park and still buy tickets for the same day. But, knowing that they’re increasing crowd limits back to closer and closer to “normal”, means more and more people and longer lines.

You can have a relaxing morning and take your time at breakfast only to find the parks packed when you finally get there.

The first couple of hours after the park opens are the best moments to get things done before the attendance begins to peak. Schedule some leisure time during your trip, but on park days, it’s time to get there early.

Even when the Park is lighter in attendance, and when it’s getting crowded, it’s a good time to know these Disney World Shortcuts to help you navigate the Parks a little more efficiently.

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We hope with the capacity limits being lifted that Disney will bring back special Park times like Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. We always have such a great time at those events!

Have a great time on your Disney Adventure! We wish you the best of luck and hope you can experience all the true Disney Magic.

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