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One Sharp Mama’s Top Resources

One Sharp Mama’s Top Resources

The purpose of this page is to share One Sharp Mama’s top resources for different things. I will continue to update this page as I see fit. I want to share my favorite resources for blogging, parenting, pregnancy, fertility, organization and some recipes or cooking resources.

This list will contain affiliate links that if you use, I may make a small profit from, at no extra cost to you.

Blogging Resources

The best blogging resources that I have found and used so far! If you're looking to start a blog, now is the time to do so. You'll need these tips and tricks. Learn all about all the blogging resources and blogging courses you should take! #startablog #bloggingresources #blogginghelp #createablog

If you’re thinking about starting a parenting blog, or a blog of any niche, there are a few things you need to make sure you do!

Self Host: Currently, One Sharp Mama is hosted through BlueHost. They’re a highly popular hosting company that is very affordable. One Sharp Mama signed up for the multiple year offer that saves you even more money in the long run. If you plan on monetizing your blog at all, you’ll need to self host. Why not try out BlueHost like me!?

How to start a blog. How to self host, who do you use to self host? Try bluehost - affiliate link!

Pay for a Nice Theme: I absolutely LOVE just about every theme from Pretty Darn Cute Designs. She designs off the Genesis Framework and makes beautiful themes. Most importantly, they’re functional, user friendly and she has great customer service for any questions, suggestions or comments. I love my current theme and have decided for my blogging anniversary next year, I plan to update my theme and pick out a new Pretty Darn Cute Design !

Pretty Fabulous WordPress Theme


If you know the importance of Pinterest as a visual search engine but don’t know how to begin or simply don’t want to, feel free to reach out to me!!! I have a Pinterest VA business that I have just started offering to new clients! Get started by sending me an email to reach out and tell me your needs.

Looking for a Pinterest VA or need help managing your Pinterest account? Look no further, I can help your business grow with my Pinterest Va and Pinterest Managing packages. Email me at

I can do a simple business account set up and overall “Pinterest Health” check. I can create new pins for you, update your boards, descriptions, join new boards, participate in group threads for you, manage your Tailwind account ALL FOR YOU!!!!!

I’m offering new clients 50% off any of my packages from now until the END OF OCTOBER! Email me now at to get started. I can also create custom packages for you!

Learn the ways of Pinterest: There are so, so, so, so many courses out there that want to teach you all they claim they know about Pinterest and how you can up your blogging game with Pinterest. I have taken way too many courses who all talk about the same thing. However, I have taken two courses that I absolutely LOVED and have learned so much from.

First one that needs to be mentioned is Pinterest Ninja from Megan with Love Family Health. She is CONSTANTLY updating her Pinterest ebook with all of the new changes over on Pinterest. You always get the updates and she is very down to earth when sharing all of the information. No fluff, straight necessities.

Second one is from Eden Fried- master of all things blogging, but I really liked her course, Pinterest Unpuzzled. No BS, just helpful information to get you in the Pinterest GAME.

Fertility Resources

are you looking for all the fertility information you can find? Trying to conceive? don't miss out on these #fertilityresources #ttc #howtogetpregnant

EBOOK Are you struggling mentally with your infertility diagnosis? That’s one of the many reasons that I started One Sharp Mama. Sharing our fertility trying to conceive story truly helped me get through our journey.

Since then, I have created an e-book called Infertility is a Diagnosis not a Definition. It is designed to help you learn new ways to cope with your infertility diagnosis and find hope from a success story.


infertility warriors! you need this infertility support ebook. It's time to learn ways to cope with infertility. #infertilitysupport #infertility #ttc #ttctips

COMING SOON: The Ultimate Fertility Bundle! This bundle will contain ebooks, workbooks, tips, tricks and all you can think of for an EXTREME DISCOUNT! I’m talking like 70-80% off people! This will cover so many of your fertility questions and concerns. You can’t miss out on it.

Understand Your Health Through Your Cycle

Pregnancy Resources

The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class is an course from Milkology that is great for teaching new and seasoned breastfeeding mamas tips to help their breastfeeding journey! I totally wish I had this the first time I tried breastfeeding. Now, I can’t wait to try them once Baby Sharp #2 gets here!

The Best Travel bed and most registered for Baby Product of 2017- The Dock A Tot! Check out why we love the DockATot Grand! We also just received the DAT Deluxe and can’t wait to try it out with Baby Sharp #2. Don’t worry, we will be sharing all of our thoughts on it in a sponsored post later this year!


More resources COMING SOON!