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Pinterest Management

Are you embracing the power of Pinterest?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business owner, entrepreneur or blogger, you need to have a presence on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a Visual Search Engine and if you aren’t using it effectively, you’re missing out on traffic, brand awareness, leads and sales.

I’m here to help you capture those leads, promote your brand, drive more traffic and in turn, increase those sales!

Pinterest Services – Let Me Help YOU

I’ve been a Pinterest VA/ Manager for 3+ years and I’ve been using Pinterst personally since they started (when you had to be INVITED to join!)

I’ve experienced countless changes to Pinterest over the years. However, this year has been one like no other.

Pinterest has been changing a LOT this year and it’s been hard for some people to figure out what works now. I can help you do that. Let me use my experience experimenting with various clients to see what’s CURRENTLY working on Pinterest and help you get your account where it needs to be.

Just starting out?

If you’re just starting out in the world of Pinterest, start here with a Pinterest business account set up :

  • Verify domain and enable analytics if needed
  • Enable rich pins (given Pinterest is allowing that feature at the moment)
  • Follow 25 related accounts
  • Create SEO keyword optimized profile
  • Create 5 SEO keyword optimized boards and add 10 3rd party pins to establish what the board is about for Pinterest (unless it’s a best of board)
  • Find and apply to 5 niche group boards


Not sure what to improve?

*** Popular Package*** Already have an account? Is it not bringing you the traffic you expected? Not sure how to fully optimize it in order to reach more of your audience?

Get your Pinterest Account Audit! This includes a 15+point audit where I review your overall account and strategies and make recommendations for improvement.

My goal is to help you find the missing pieces of your Pinterest puzzle.


I CAN’T STRESS THIS ENOUGH >>> Pinterest is ALWAYS changing!

PREVIOUSLY, with all clients, myself and every other Pinterest Manager was recommending to use Tailwind. You could make it look like you were always active on Pinterest by scheduling TONS of pins to go out all day long.


After many months of research, trying new things and experimenting… and continuously watching Pinterest change their algorithm, I have decided to switch BACK TO Manual Pinning.

This is what is getting the best reach, saves, and highest CTR for the majority of my clients.

Also, previously I had many boards for pins to go to, now I try to stick to a top 5-7 boards as long as the content you are producing will fit in there somewhere (it should!)

With this being said, manual pinning practices can change quite frequently based on the days your site is getting the most traffic (days and times), so this can be very time consuming on my end.

Prices may vary for these services depending on your best trafficked times of the day and days of the week. (These days and times may change as content changes, during different times of the year and as Pinterest continues to change their algorithms).

PREVIOUSLY– I pinned anywhere from 20-50+ pins a day for clients through TW- that IS NO LONGER!

I no longer pin more than 20 pins a day and I mostly pin your own pins- very LITTLE 3rd party content now. Things have definitely been changing.


Again, I am recommending manual pinning and I recommend as many new, fresh pins as possible. LET ME CREATE NEW PINS FOR YOU! It’s time consuming, it’s frustrating for some- let me do it for you!

Please, just do it ALL for me!

Creating Pin Images

Every post you share needs multiple pins for your readers to choose from to share on Pinterest. The more options you have to choose from, the more they can share and find one that they like.

Your popular posts and pillar content need even MORE pins to share.

Pinterest loves fresh pins, even if it links to older content. Recently, they’ve shared that Pinterest NEEDS new content and new pins. If you continue to share your old pins, you’re actually DECREASING your reach.

They also stated that you shouldn’t be sending a pin out to more than 10 boards and you should only be using your most relevant and strongest boards. With all of that being said– the need to create NEW FRESH PINS is rising. Many clients are opting to have NEWLY CREATED PINS go out on a DAILY BASIS to help try and increase reach! That’s a LOT of pin creation.

Creating new pins takes time, energy and creativity. I’m here to help you out with this! Let me create beautiful pins for you while you work on creating more of what you do best.

Let’s get new pins created for your popular posts and create new pins for posts that need a breath of life again!

Need something else?

Need other services that we haven’t discussed? Let me know what you’re looking for and I can see if we can make it happen. Here are a few other A la Carte Services that you may need.

Let’s get chatting

Thoughts and Testimonials from my clients

Jill from Eating Gluten and Dairy Free shares “Victoria has helped my blog grow in exponential ways. She is a wealth of blog, Pinterest, and social media knowledge. And if by chance I ask for something she’s not yet familiar will her response is always,  “I’ll figure it out.” She is super creative and gives helpful feedback.”

I’ve taken these snapshots from a few different places on Facebook. In a FB Group I am in, somebody posted asking for a Pinterest VA and two of my clients both suggested using me.

client testimonials

On a post I made on my blog’s FB page, one of my client had this to say (see the comment on the post) :

client testimonials

About Victoria- Your Pinterest VA

I’m Victoria Sharp, founder of One Sharp Mama LLC. I’m a wife to a fairytale husband and mama to two beautiful princesses (and a prince due April 2020).

I fell in love with Pinterest back when it was first started and you had to be invited to join. I’ve watched it grow as a platform over the years, have watched it transform weddings, homes, business strategies and even the way we parent and live life.

I’ve used Pinterest personally for many years and when I started One Sharp Mama LLC, I knew I needed to get my brand on Pinterest to raise awareness about my content, drive traffic and make sales. It’s been such a blast that I am now offering my services to help YOU do the exact same thing.

Is it time for a better Pinterest Strategy? Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Do you need a set of helping hands to help grow your business? Look no further, let me take Pinterest marketing off your hands!
Use Pinterest to effectively market your business by hiring a Pinterest Manager. I'd love to help you reach your business goals and take some things off of your plate and to do list. #businessgoals #entrepreneur #delegate