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100 Beautiful Baby Names for Girls That Start with C

When you’re expecting, one of the most difficult tasks is choosing a name for your little one. It’s not something to take lightly. After all, their name follows them for the rest of their lives! If you’re looking for baby names for girls that start with C, then you’ve come to the right place.

These hand-selected baby names for girls that start with c are all beautiful and unique, and will surely make your daughter stand out. While some are more traditional (hey there, Caroline & Charlotte), others are more unique (I’m looking at you, Calista!).

baby names for girls that start with c

100 Baby Names for Girls that Start with C:

  1. Caddy (American) – an alluring woman
  2. Cady (American) – One who is pure; finding happiness in simplicity
  3. Caitlin (Irish) – A pure, unsullied female
  4. Caldwell (English) – of the cold well
  5. Calia (American) – a known beauty
  6. Calista (Greek) – form of Kallisto, meaning “the most beautiful”
  7. Calliope (Greek) – form of Kallipe, meaning “having a beautiful voice”
  8. Candace (Ethiopian/Greek) – a queen; one who is white and glowing
  9. Calypso (Greek) – a woman with secrets
  10. Camilla (Italian) – a ceremonial attendant; a noble virgin
  11. Campbell (Scottish) – having a crooked mouth
  12. Carina (Latin) – little darling
  13. Carly (English) – form of Carla, a free woman
  14. Carmen (Latin) – a beautiful song
  15. Cassidy (Irish) – curly haired girl
  16. Cecilia (Latin) – one who is blind; patron saint of music
  17. Chanda (Sanskrit) – an enemy of evil
  18. Charlotte (French) – meaning “a small, strong woman”
  19. Cheyenne (Native American) – meaning “people of a different language”
  20. Christina (English) – follower of Christ
  21. Claire (French) – form of Clara, meaning “famously bright”
  22. Clarissa (French) – a form of Clarice, also meaning “famously bright”
  23. Clementine (French) – one who is merciful
  24. Colette (French) – of the victorious people
  25. Cora (English) – a young maiden; in mythology, another name for the goddess of the underworld
  26. Cordelia (Latin) – a good hearted woman; a woman of honesty
  27. Cassandra (Greek) – an unheeded prophetess; in mythology, she foretold the fall of Troy
  28. Carol (English) – meaning a “joyous song; a small, strong woman”
  29. Cara (Italian/Gaelic) – one who is dearly loved/a good friend
  30. Casey (Irish) – a vigilant woman
  31. Catherine (English) – One who is pure; virginal
  32. Celina (Latin) – of the heavens; form of Selena, meaning “of the moon”
  33. Chablis (French) – resembling the dry white wine
  34. Chanel (French) – from the canal; a channel
  35. Channing (English) – an official of the church; resembling a young wolf
  36. Chantarelle (French) – a prized singer
  37. Charity (Latin) – a woman of generous love
  38. Charlie (English) – a free man
  39. Charlianne (American) – a small, strong, and graceful woman
  40. Charmaine (English) – charming and delightful woman
  41. Charnelle (American) – one who sparkles
  42. Chastity (Latin) – having purity; a woman of innocence
  43. Chelsea (English) – from the landing place for chalk
  44. Chenille (American) – a soft skinned woman
  45. Cher (French) – one who is greatly loved; a darling
  46. Cherlyn (American) – one who is dearly loved
  47. Cherry (English) – resembling a fruit-bearing tree
  48. Cheryl (English) – one who is greatly loved; a darling
  49. Chesley (English) – from the meadow
  50. Chesna (Slavic) – one who is calm; bringer of peace
  51. Chesney (English) – one who promotes peace
  52. Chiara (Italian) – daughter of the light
  53. Chrysantha (Greek) – defender of the people
  54. Claudia (Latin) – one who is lame
  55. Cleopatra (Greek) – a father’s glory; of the royal family
  56. Clover (English) – resembling the meadow flower
  57. Coco (Spanish) – form of Socorro, meaning “one who offers help and relief”
  58. Cosette (French) – of the victorious people; little pet
  59. Concetta (Italian) – conceived
  60. Constance (Latin) – one who is steadfast; constant
  61. Clotilde (German) – a woman famous in battle
  62. Colina (Scottish) – of the victorious people
  63. Colisa (English) – a delightful young woman
  64. Colorado (Spanish) – from the red river
  65. Condoleezza (American) – an intelligent and sweet woman
  66. Coneisha (American) – a giving woman
  67. Cookie (American) – one who is cute
  68. Copper (American) – a red-haired woman
  69. Coty (French) – from the riverbank
  70. Crystal (Greek) – resembling clear, sparkling, brilliant glass
  71. Cullen (Irish) – an attractive lady
  72. Cyan (English) – having blue-green eyes
  73. Cybil (Greek) – meaning “a prophetess; a seer”
  74. Cydney (English) – form of Sydney, meaning “of the wide meadow”
  75. Cynthia (Greek) – in mythology, another name for the moon goddess
  76. Cypris (Greek) – from the island of Cyprus
  77. Cyrah (Persian) – one who is enthroned; of the sun; a lady
  78. Cali (Spanish) – form of Calista, meaning “most beautiful”
  79. Cassia (Greek/Latin) – of the spice tree; feminine form of Cassius; one who is hallow; empty
  80. Cascadia (Latin) – woman of the waterfall
  81. Carlisa (Italian) – a friendly woman
  82. Carmelita (Hebrew) – of the fruitful orchard
  83. Caprina (Italian) – woman of the island Capri
  84. Caroline (Latin) – a joyous song; a small, strong woman
  85. Carolina (Latin) – a derivative of Caroline
  86. Cale (Latin) – a respected woman
  87. Caden (English) – a battlemaiden
  88. Cadhla (Irish) – a beautiful woman
  89. Cabot (French) – a fresh-faced beauty
  90. Cabriole (French) – an adorable girl
  91. Cadis (Greek) – a sparkling young girl
  92. Caia (Latin) – one who rejoices
  93. Cailin (Gaelic) – a young woman; a lass
  94. Cael (Celtic) – of the victorious people
  95. Cadwyn (Welsh) – a bright, strong chain
  96. Callisto (Greek) – meaning “the most beautiful”
  97. Callan (Gaelic/German) – One who is powerful in battle/ a talkative woman
  98. Calais (French) -from the city in France
  99. Cameo (English) – a small, perfect child
  100. Carrington (English) – a beautiful woman; a woman of Carrington

There you have it – 100 baby names for girls that start with C. If you’re looking for something unique, try one of these beautiful and exotic names. Whatever you choose, your little girl is sure to be the apple of your eye.

Looking for more baby names for girls that start with c

Looking for more baby names for girls that start with c

If you’re looking for even more ideas for baby names, keep a running list of beautiful names that you find in your favorite books, movies, and television shows during your pregnancy. You just never know when inspiration may strike!

Best of luck to you in your naming process and congratulations on your new arrival!

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