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The 4 Best Postpartum Leggings (Guide & Reviews)

The 4 Best Postpartum Leggings (Guide & Reviews)

Here are the best postpartum leggings. 

Leggings are comfortable, stretchy pants for new moms who need the support physically to help aid in post birth healing.

And once you read this post, you’ll know all you need to know about the top post birth leggings that will help you heal and stay comfortable in the process, all while looking cute and fashionable. 

What Are The Best Postpartum Leggings For New Moms?

1. MOTHERS ESSENTIALS High Waist Tummy Compression Control Slimming Leggings

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What We Like

  • Provides great back and posture support
  • No “Poorly Placed†seams
  • Moderate/Medium Support
  • High Waist Compression

What We Don’t Like

  • Sizing can de difficult to get correct
  • Can pill easily once washed


Good amount of compression with appropriate support at a fraction of the price that big expensive brands charge you.

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2. SYRINX High Waisted Leggings

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What We Love:

  • High Waist Tummy Control
  • Stretch/Non See-through
  • 4 Way Stretch Fabric
  • Multiple Colors to Choose From

What We Don’t Like: 

  • The Dye Can Easily Bleed
  • Hand Wash Only


Overall, a decent, soft pair of soft leggings.

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3. BALEAF Women’s Shapewear Postpartum V Leggings for Women Slimming Compression High Waisted Seamless Shaping Pants

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What We Love

  • Super High Waist That Covers Your Tummy Sculpts Your Curves 
  • Features An Inner Pocket That Can Hold Identification And Cards 
  • Holds Belly And Provides Support Without Suffocation
  • Soft Stretchy Fabric

What We Don’t Like

  • Sizing Can Be Hard To Get Correct


Quite comfortable with the high waist that covers your stomach. Uses the material that stretches well and provides a good amount of support but may need to be exchanged if your size isn’t the right fit when first purchased. 

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4. Belly Bandit – Mother Tucker Leggings

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What We Love

  • Helps shape your figure – Capri length pants that helps shape the waist while shaping your belly, thighs and bum. 
  • They provide extra compression on the abdomen.
  • Strong and durable – great for multiple washes.
  • Material that Breathes – seamless leggings made from breathable material 
  • Stylish- capris that are comfy, stylish and helpful for postpartum recovery. 

What We Don’t 

  • They are pricey compared to many other leggings. (But this may be a “you get what you pay for†type of thing


They provide great support and help shape your body with proper compression where needed. They’re durable and breathable but can be heavy on the wallet. 

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Why Do You Need Postpartum Leggings?

Why in the world would you need Postpartum Leggings? Well, after birth you’re learning to become a mom and adjusting newborn life and you need to be able to do it comfortably. Trust me, it’s exhausting.

Learning to make it through life with little sleep and accepting your new mom body can be a hard pill to swallow. So why do this in uncomfortable clothing? It’s time to invest in a good pair or two of Postpartum Leggings. 

What Are Postpartum Leggings? 

The best part of postpartum leggings are that they’re both supportive for your recovering body and they’re comfortable for your recovering and changing body. 

Your body is recovering in many ways. It takes about 6 weeks for your uterus to return to pre-pregnancy size. Many new moms wear pregnancy belly bands to help provide compression to your uterus as it returns to normal. 

Why add another apparatus to all your new mom equipment when you can just get the support you need in a pair of comfortable pair of postpartum leggings. 

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Are Postpartum Leggings Different Than Maternity Leggings? 

They’re both nice and comfortable leggings, but while you were pregnant, you were stretching out those maternity leggings and they won’t be as supportive for your much smaller stomach. 

Most post baby leggings are made with your recovering, achy body in mind. Maternity leggings are just made with a big pregnancy belly 

Is It Safe To Wear Compression Leggings After Birth?

Absolutely. There isn’t a reason you can’t wear leg compression leggings after giving birth your baby. In fact, wearing some kind of leg compression after birth is recommended by many Obstetricians to help prevent blood clots. 

However, it’s not always recommended to wear high compression on your abdomen after birth. Light to Medium Compression is better for postpregnancy healing and recovery. Make sure to chat with your doctor to see what they recommend after your birth experience.

It’s also good for healing and your health if you buy compression leggings to provide compression on your legs to help prevent blood clots. 

Keep in mind compression is different than support. 

Should You Wear A Belly Band Postpartum? 

Great question! A lot of new mama’s want to know how to get back to their pre-pregnancy bodies as fast as they can.

Remember that it took you 9 months to grow this body, so don’t be surprised if it takes you that long, or longer in many cases, to get back to that pre-pregnancy weight and body. 

Most Obstetricians recommend wearing some kind of belly band or belly support to help aid your uterus in shrinking and providing support to your abdomen as everything gets back to it’s normal anatomical position and size. 

Some doctors will say to wear it for the first 4-6 weeks postpartum. Talk to your doctor specifically to see what they recommend for you and your postpartum journey. 

Also know that there’s a difference between a belly band and a corset. They provide different types of support and strength of support and resistance. 

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