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Best Tummy Time Toys for Your Baby

Best Tummy Time Toys for Your Baby

Soon after having your baby, you’ll find yourself faced with questions about when and how to give your baby tummy time.

Being one of your baby’s very first exercises, you’ll soon find out why it’s one of the most important, plus a heads up on some of the best toys for this special time.

tummy time tips and tricks and the best toys

Benefits of Tummy Time

Overall, by incorporating intentional tummy time with your baby, you are giving them the benefits of enhanced physical and mental development.

Contrary to popular belief, tummy time can begin as early as newborn through one year old.

Beyond being an important exercise technique, tummy time gives babies the opportunity to enhance their sensory, motor, and visual development.

While on their belly, babies begin using important muscles such as the neck, shoulder, and back muscles.

Another benefit to tummy time is that it helps babies reach important developmental milestones.

The more time they spend on their bellies, the more they explore how their bodies work. Some babies have been known to reach, scoot, and crawl sooner than babies with less tummy time.

Overall, by incorporating intentional tummy time with your baby, you are giving them the benefits of enhanced physical and mental development.

How Do I Entertain My Child During Tummy Time?

This is one of the most asked questions by most parents, and rightfully so.

While there are some fears surrounding this tactic, the good far outweigh the bad.

Keep in mind that tummy time is for when babies are awake, and should be introduced in small increments (beginning as a newborn).

It is safe to add more time as your baby grows, with the average being up to one hour per day by three months old.

Once a baby starts to crawl, their tummy time will be replaced with much bigger physical movements, but they may still enjoy resting and playing on their belly.

When looking for activities and toys for your baby, consider these.

tummy time toys and tips for baby

Tummy Time Without Toys

Before using toys, especially while your baby is still fairly young, you may want to opt in for using a pillow, rolled up towel/blanket, or your lap to introduce it.

Below are some practical strategies to try:

  • Tummy-on-Chest: place your baby on your chest making sure you are face to face.
  • Lap Soothe: place your baby across your lap with your hand on their bottom (ideal for burping and soothing).
  • Eye-Level: place your baby face down on the floor and lay across from them making eye contact.

These techniques can be introduced in what’s called tummy minutes. Do them for one minute at  a time and gradually add time as you and baby feel comfortable with.

Best Tummy Time Toys

Once your child reaches about two months old, introducing a toy or two at tummy time will help their visual and cognitive senses. As they get older, you can add toys that offer increased stimulation. Here are a few of the best toys for tummy time:

  • MAGIFIRE Tummy Time Baby Water Mat Tummy time water play mat helps strengthen baby’s leg and arm muscles for early development. Aside from preventing a flat head, this sensory baby mat can also delight brain development and enhance hand-eye coordination.
  • Bright Starts Prop Mat The removable prop pillow supports the baby during tummy time while the added toys such as the leaf-shaped rattle, frog bead chaser, and fun links offer additional play and developmental growth.
  • Baby Einstein Rhythm of the Reef Prop Pillow Transforms your living room floor into an underwater adventure. The pillow offers plush comfort for extended tummy time and engages baby with multi-sensory toys. This pillow will turn tummy time into discovery time!
  • Infantino Prop-A-Pillar Tummy Time & Seated Support This tummy time pillow has multiple uses ranging from sitting baby up to laying them on their belly. It has a supportive C shaped pillow with stackable pillows, a detachable teether, tummy time pillow, soft seat positioning prop and caterpillar to keep baby engaged while developing head and neck muscles.
  • Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym Learning content changes with baby’s age and stage with 3 smart stages learning levels, plus a bonus piano play mode with real music notes. The large keyboard comes with 5 light up keys and can be removed for take along play. Your child will love the five repositionable toys: self-discovery mirror, elephant teether, crinkle panda, lion rattle and monkey cymbal clackers.
  • CUTE STONE Baby Activity Cube Toy This multi-functional toy includes a shape sorter, rotatable gears, hand-on drum with sounds and lights, birds catch worms game, piano and melody mode. Its cute and colorful activity cube toys will catch (and keep) the baby’s attention and stimulate their imagination.
  • beiens Soft Baby Books, High Contrast Black and White Books Baby boys and girls love these early learning toys. There are crinkle paper and bibi sounders hiding in the pages, which encourage the baby to explore and give the baby endless hours of fun. The bright colors and contrast background will attract the baby’s attention, while black and white patterns also help babies to develop their ability to focus their attention and concentration. Reflection mirror allows the baby to focus on the human face.
  • Yookidoo Baby Play Gym Lay to Sit-Up Play Mat This mat can easily transition from a play gym to a soft, secure and supportive seat for upright sitting and playing. With more than 20 developmental activities and plenty of toys to move around, it has a motion activated musical plane and large double sided tummy time pillow with loops for easy toy attachment. There is a large baby safe mirror for hanging on arch or standing on mat and royal teething rattle with an easy to grasp dog rattle with colorful sliding beads. It can easily fold for convenient storage or travel.
  • Splashin’kids Infant Toys Beginner Crawl Along Game Ball The splashin’kids Jumbo Roller is an essential tool for developing solid head, neck and shoulder muscles as well as honing hand-eye coordination,and fine motor skills. The engaging drop ball game sharpens puzzle solving skills and teaches cause and effect.
  • LIGHTDESIRE Baby Toys Musical Caterpillar Squeeze the head to hear a lovely song. Musical sound can attract the girls and boys babies to play as well as feel the embrace and the response of the interaction. The musical infant toys dissolve into the variety of colors and patterns of a gorgeous, can promote children’s visual development.


As you begin to introduce your baby to tummy time, keep in mind that babies grow and develop at their own unique rates.

Pay attention to your baby’s cues and adjust the time on their belly accordingly.

The idea is to give your child every opportunity to naturally work the muscles and skills that will ultimately help them master much harder skills such as crawling, walking, and running.

Share your favorite tummy time tips and tummy time toys in the comments below!

tummy time tips and toys