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Is your child ready for potty training?

Is your child ready for potty training?

Potty training readiness is crucial yet not always an easy thing to recognize. Toilet training isn’t always an easy thing to think about either.

This post is sponsored by Pull-Ups but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. 

@pullups #nationalpottytrainingmonth #pottytrainingtips is it time to potty train your little one? Find out if they're ready for the potty training adventure and don't forget your Big Kid Pull-ups

The fact of the matter is, your child will not successfully potty train until they themselves are physically ready. 

It doesn’t matter how eager you are to get them out of diapers. It doesn’t matter if you have the perfect weekend or set of time set aside to get the training done.

Are you anxious to try potty training with your little one? Tired of all the diapers and wipes? Before you start your toddlers potty training. adventure, you need to make sure your child is showing all of the potty training readiness queues. They have to show the signs that their bodies are capable of holding it, they need to be mentally interested in it and have the ability to do some fine motor skills like pulling up their pants and taking them off. Check out the other #pottytrainingreadinessqueues and see if your #toddlerlife is ready to #pottytrain #pottytriainingtips #raisinglittleones
#pottytrianing How do I know if my child is ready to potty train? Check out these potty training readiness queues and see if now is the Time to start potty training. #sponsored #toilettraining #toddlerlife #newmomlife #momlife #parentinghack

What matters is, is your child physically ready to start the potty training process? Are they showing potty training readiness signs?

Here are some of the queues or signs that your little one is ready to start the adventure of potty training.

How do I know if my child is ready to potty train? What are the potty readiness queues? #pottytraining #pottytrainingtips #raisinglittleones

Potty Training Readiness Queues and Signs

  • Does your child show interest in the bathroom? Does he or she go in to the restroom with you?
  • Are they interested in the toilet paper? How the toilet flushes?
  • How some people sit and some stand?

Our pediatrician, whom we trust with all of our beings, recommended that once our first daughter showed interest in the bathroom itself, for us to let her come in with us.

See that it is a natural thing and nothing to be afraid of.

After she became very comfortable in the bathroom, we bought her a little portable potty.

@pullups #nationalpottytrainingmonth #pottytrainingtips is it time to potty train your little one? Find out if they're ready for the potty training adventure and don't forget your Big Kid Pull-ups

Again, our pediatrician recommended that we get one months before we figured we may need to start using it. He wanted us to get it for her to get familiar with.

Have it around for a while for her not to be afraid of it, see it on a normal basis and not just when we were trying to star the whole potty training adventure.

He also recommended that, during diaper changes, we sit her on the potty, so she can start to understand the concept before we put a fresh diaper back on her.

We have done this several times and now, she is associating sitting on her potty when we go in the restroom to use our toilet.

She claps for us when we use the potty and we clap for her when she sits on hers.

Occasionally, by coincidence, she will tinkle a little while sitting on it as we are getting ready to put her fresh clean diaper on. It’s a start, a great start, even when we haven’t pushed the idea of training yet.

Our daughter gets what a diaper is. She understands the function.

We also bought a pack of Pull- Ups from Amazon (saved $3 with the coupon!) to have on hand so she could become familiar with them, just as she became familiar with the potty.

We wanted her to understand that they have the feel and purpose of real underwear as she grows to become even more independent.

She can put her feet through the leg holes and pull them up, just like real underwear, all by herself and pull them up, just like a Big Kid.

She no longer has to lay down like she would a baby diaper.

More Readiness Signs Your Child May Exhibit

  • Does your child verbally let you know when they need to or have already used the potty (in diaper)?
  • Or do they show specific unique physical behaviors that indicate if they need to use the restroom?

Our pediatrician asked if our daughter ever came to us to tell us that she did her business. She asked if she disliked being in her dirty diaper after she had gone or if it didn’t bother her.

She asked if she did any sort of potty dances or indications that she needed to do her business.

Twice now, we have been in the car when she has done her business, usually, like most kids, the smell is a dead giveaway. But, both of these times, we couldn’t smell it.

However, our daughter was not having it, she was having a fit in her car seat and we couldn’t figure out why.

Finally, we pulled over, got out of the car to get to her and see what her problem was. As soon as I took her out of her seat, she was pointing at her diaper.

It clicked in my head. She knew she had used the bathroom and didn’t like sitting in it.

She wanted us to get her cleaned up and cleaned up NOW.

This is another potty training readiness sign that your little one is ready to start the potty training process at their own pace.

@pullups #nationalpottytrainingmonth #pottytrainingtips is it time to potty train your little one? Find out if they're ready for the potty training adventure and don't forget your Big Kid Pull-ups

A Few More Potty Training Signs

  • Can your child follow simple directions or instructions when asked?

This may seem like a loaded question, I know. But, it’s to gauge your child’s mental readiness for potty training.

If you are just introducing them to the potty- can they listen to the simple direction of “Sit there while I get your fresh diaper”, or “Can you please hand me the toilet paper?”.

Understanding and following simple instructions will make the potty training process easier. If he or she can’t understand to sit there or stand there until further instructions, they’re not mentally ready to start potty training.

  • Does your child stay dry for at least two hours? Can they stay dry though a whole nap?

This is a HUGE potty training readiness sign that your little one is learning to hold their urine.

This is a positive physical sign that they are about ready to start the potty training process. 

Please know that you will most likely be able to physically potty train your child during the day before you’ll be able to get them to stay dry throughout the whole night.

Dry sleeping through the night may take much longer for training than potty training for the day. This is what our pediatrician told us.

It was nice to know this as we prepare to start our potty training venture with our daughter, so we know what to expect.

  • Can your daughter or son pull her pants up and down by themselves?

I know this can seem like a silly question, but, it’s a physical activity that they will be doing a lot of and will need to be able to do on their own.

Nothing like having to pull their pants up and down a million times a day extra just while potty training.

Make sure this is a task that they can do on their own before you start their potty training adventure.

@pullups #nationalpottytrainingmonth #pottytrainingtips is it time to potty train your little one? Find out if they're ready for the potty training adventure and don't forget your Big Kid Pull-ups

Since our daughter is showing all of the queues that she is ready to start potty training at her pace, our pediatrician told us to get some pull-ups and start the process on Caroline’s timing.

The Biggest Piece of Potty Training Advice I Have

Don’t push it in the beginning.

Some days she will be more interested in working on it and some days she won’t. It will “click” and happen when she is ready for it to be. We just have to keep that in mind.

In the mean time, we plan on stocking up on our favorite Pull-ups. We were excited to see that you can get them on Amazon with their $3 coupon! Our favorite subscribe and save online retailer.

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Pull-Ups are our go to for potty training. They offer leg barriers to prevent leaks and offer outstanding reliable leak protection and great absorbency.

If your little one has an accident, they also offer the side fasteners that will help for easier clean up, similar to a baby diaper. Very functional and affordable for your potty training adventure.

Just remember, it’s on your Child’s time plan, not always when you’re ready!

Feel free to share any potty training tips that you have heard in the comments below!

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Jennifer Pompaski

Friday 19th of April 2019

This reminded me of my two year old nephew and how we potty trained him! Great post and very useful!

Erin @ Her Heartland Soul

Sunday 30th of September 2018

Filing this away for future years! Thank you!


Sunday 23rd of September 2018

Hey, this was genuinely handy for me as i was unsure if my toddler is ready to train yet. I like the idea of using the potty when changing nappies.


Thursday 20th of September 2018

I don't have kids yet, but I'll definitely keep these tips in mind in the future! :)


Thursday 7th of June 2018

Pull-ups are such a big help for our potty training journey! It's a must for traveling as well! :)