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19 Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

Easter baskets are always a fun tradition for kids each year. But if you’re looking for some Easter Basket filler ideas that aren’t candy or aren’t ideas that are going to fill your kid up with sugar, keep on reading.

The Easter Bunny and I teamed up to bring you some of the best Easter Basket filler ideas.

Toddler Easter Baskets can be hard to find functional things to fill them with. Don’t worry, below we are sharing some of the best basket ideas.

We also have an awesome Toddler and Baby Gift Guide if you aren’t building a basket but want to get them a little holiday gift. This is another fun way to celebrate the holiday (or the time of the year if that’s your thing)

Also, don’t forget with your online shopping to use Ebates! (It’s now called Rakuten FYI). We love saving money and getting paid to shop!

What Are The Best Toddler Easter Basket Ideas?

If you’re looking for a shortened version, try these out:

  • Books
  • Crayons
  • Coloring Books
  • DVD’s
  • Bath Crayons
  • Bath Toys
  • Sippy Cups
  • Snack Cups with Sippy
  • Stuffed Animal
  • Side Walk Chalk
  • Swimming Pool Floats
  • Hair Clips or Ties
  • Spring Shoes
  • New Outfit
  • Sun Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • House Shoes
  • Swim Suit
  • Bath or Beach Towel

These are some of the best Basket filler ideas. You can see our top picks or recommendations for each category or suggestion outlined below!


Books are always a great idea for toddlers. These are functional, easy and definitely toddler-approved gifts. You can find many Easter-themed books all over the place.

A couple popular Easter Books from Amazon can be found below:

[amazon box=”0394861027,0310720877,0062377922″ grid=”3″]

Every year our local church has a book sale. They have every kind of used book under the sun for up to 90% off. Places like this are always a good way to grab some books for your kids without breaking the bank.

I also recommend going to your local consignment shop. Often you can find brand new books at a fraction of the price you’ll find them in the stores.

If you’re interested, check out my favorite local consignment shop. Lucky for EVERYONE, they have a website and anybody in the US can purchase from it.

I HIGHLY recommend them for everything. You can find so many BRAND NEW WITH TAGS items for so much cheaper than other stores.

Crayons or Coloring Items

I found these adorable egg crayons that are Easter festive and are the perfect grip for Toddler hands to grab and scribble with. For Christmas, Caroline also got the Triangle Toddler Crayons by Crayola as well.

Grab the cute Easter Egg Crayons or any of Amazon’s other Best Sellers Below!

[amazon box=”B006E5TILW,B00CGOIV0E,B07MY32Y84″ grid=”3″]

Coloring Books

If you give your toddlers crayons, they’re going to need some coloring books. They have tons of cute Easter coloring books out there to choose from if you want one festive.

We love going to restaurants that have “table coloring paper” that kids can draw on the entertain themselves as we wait for food.

Some of the Kids Coloring Book Top Sellers from Amazon are below

[amazon box=”1999896963,1090454678,1719203911″ grid=”3″]


Movies are always a hit in our house. Sometimes our kids enjoy watching movies in the car when we go for a drive.

Moana is a hit because there is LOTS of singing!!! That’s her favorite part of movies. So, we grabbed Moana while it was on sale at Walmart and saved it for the Easter Basket.

Bath Crayons

Just like regular crayons, bath crayons provide endless amounts of entertainment. Our kids have always loved getting Bath Crayons from Nuby.

They can use these all year long (if they last that long). And any reason to get a bath is always a good one with my kids since we live on a farm!

These are some of the Best Bath Crayons from Amazon, grab them below:

[amazon box=”B01HIO33BI,B07NLNRWBV,B00MQ64JNA” grid=”3″]

Bath Toys

In general, bath time is well liked by most toddlers. We are also looking forward to getting our kiddos some Bath floating toys from Nuby that will be used for their Easter Baskets as well.

Some of the Most Popular Bath Toys on Amazon are below:

[amazon box=”B00R0V7PUU,B083ZZSGLR,B0763MSYLZ” grid=”3″]

Sippy Cup

You can find tons of fun new cups out there.

She loves her Nuby Sippy Cups too. Have you read about how those cups changed our meal time?

Grab some of our favorite Sippy Cups to toss in the basket:

[amazon box=”B00MRZIFD0,B00278WA4W,B07GG598ZS” grid=”3″]

Snack Cup with Sippy

They make these awesome dual function cups. These cups have a regular cup on the bottom and the top has a little snack container connected.

So many times, I hand my kids a cup and a snack container and they can handle and juggle both of them.

Stuffed Animal

You can find some cute stuffed animals at the Dollar Tree and many other stores. We still had a cute Bunny from a friend from years ago.

Some of the cutest Stuffed Animals on Amazon are below:

[amazon box=”B004N7NFSK,B00HB03INI,B07PHQDPQT” grid=”3″]

Side Walk Chalk

Who doesn’t love side walk chalk?!?! With spring finally here, or close to being here by the time Easter rolls around, side walk chalk will be the perfect basket item.

Just like crayons and bath crayons, kids can doodle and have a great time outside while they get some fresh air.

Swimming Pool Floats

Summer time will be here soon and they can totally need a new set of floats.

Hair Clips

We need every kind of hair clip, tie, bow, etc that we can find.

Any tips on keeping hair ties, bows, clips, etc in her hair? Share them with me in the comments below, pretty please!

Spring Shoes

With fun weather ahead, I want to toss a cute pair of flip flops or sandals in my kids baskets this year! Can’t go wrong with that idea.

New Outfit

Just as with shoes, weather changes, come with new clothing options. We hit our local consignment store annual sale and stocked up on clothing. Made me such a happy mama.

Sun Hat

All these outside basket items will definitely warrant the need for a cute new sun hat!


With the sun hat, you gotta sport your new pair of sunglasses. We found adorable ones for cheap at the Dollar Store. This is another thing I recommend checking your local consignment shop for.

If you happen to grab them at a Dollar Store, it’s not that big of a deal if your kiddos loses or breaks them.

House Shoes

Some times in the spring, you’ll get some rainy days. With rainy days, it’s nice to have a warm, cute pair of house shoes or slippers.

Swim Suit

Back to the warm and nice summer ideas! Pool time and sun time, brings the swim suit necessity! What fun character swim suit would your little one enjoy? Share with me in the comments and give me some inspiration!

Bath or Beach Towel

I saw some adorable Pottery Barn Kids beach towels for sale this year. I’d love to get Caroline any of the towels with the whales on them. She would really like a towel with a hood. I don’t know why, but wearing them on her head cracks her up.

Bonus Idea :

Cross Necklace or bracelet of some sort. This is an easy way to remind your Toddler what Easter is all about. Keeping Christ in the reason as to why we have these ideas is very necessary.

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There are so many fun NON CANDY ideas to toss in an Easter Basket or goodie basket for your Toddler. I hope these Easter Basket ideas for toddlers get your creative juices flowing and you can have the Easter Basket of your dreams this year for your little one.

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How Do You Make Easter Fun For Toddlers?

Easter is a fun time for all, including toddlers. Toddlers love hunting for an Easter Basket. And just like all kids, having an Easter Egg Hunt is always a great time.

Inside egg hunts and outdoor egg hunts are fun ways to entertain kids on Easter Sunday.

What Can I Put In My 3 Year Olds Easter Eggs?

Try putting small, but non choking hazards if necessary, like stickers.

Depending on the size of the eggs, you could put:

  • chalk
  • small stickers
  • jewelry
  • play make up
  • cards
  • play doh or putty
  • small car
  • legos
  • bouncy ball