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Baby’s First Year – Sleep Schedule Ideas

Those first months with a new baby are precious! With the challenges of pregnancy behind you, your sweet, tiny newborn has finally arrived, ready to be held, squeezed, kissed and snuggled. But what about their sleep schedule??!

These moments are filled with joy and awe at the new life that has rocked your world and grown your family! Of course, any parent knows that those first beautiful months can also be incredibly challenging as you and your family adjust to new routines and demands. And let’s be honest, the lack of sleep isn’t doing anyone any favors!

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Getting your baby on a consistent sleep schedule as quickly as possible can do wonders in helping clear the mental fog so many new mama’s experience and reducing the stress and anxiety you may feel postpartum.

Creating a structured sleep schedule is also important for your baby. It ensures that your child is getting the right amount of sleep each day. Let’s face it,  newborns need sleep, and a lot of it! Sleep plays a crucial role in healthy brain and physical development.

Disclosure : I am not a sleep consultant or a Pediatrician. These are tips and schedules that have been suggested through research and have been compiled in one place for your convenience. As always, discuss any questions you may have with your child’s Pediatrician first.

Here’s the good news Mama, a good (well at least decent) night’s rest, doesn’t have to be a fairytale! Here are the most important details you need to know for establishing a consistent sleep schedule for your baby.

Sleep Schedule from Birth – 2 Months

During these first two months, your newborn will sleep a total of 14-18 hours per day. Their days will consist of 1-2 hours of napping, followed by 1-2 hours of “awake†time, the majority of which should be spent eating.

It’s important to make sure your baby gets a full feed each time, otherwise they will be hungrier later and will wake up from naps or night time sleep more often.

This little one should have their last feeding around 10 or 11:00 pm. After this final daytime feed, they should be able to sleep for up to 4 consecutive hours in the first month and 4-6 hours in the second month.

Items That Help Infant’s Sleep

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Sleep Schedule from 2 Months – 4 Months

During these months, your baby will need 13-14 hours of sleep. They should be taking 2-3 naps per day, still about 1-2 hours each. If your little one’s nap is going past 2 hours, it’s a good idea to wake them up for a feeding.

Feeding at consistent regular times throughout the day will make it possible for your child to sleep for a longer stretch at night…a dream come true, right?

Your little one will probably still wake up for a feeding or two during the night, but they may sleep for up to 5-8 consecutive hours.

Sleep Schedule from 4 Months – 12 Months

At this point, sleeping through the night is entirely possible (but don’t be surprised if they don’t)!

They will need 12-14 hours of total sleep and will continue taking 2-3 naps per day.

After their last feed in the evening, your little one is capable of sleeping for stretches of 6-10 consecutive hours. As your child continue to grow, you might notice them waking up as a result of teething discomfort.

They may also wake themselves up as they become more mobile and are able to roll and crawl. White noise machines and pacifiers are excellent tools for getting your baby back to sleep quickly.

And mama’s, it’s completely normal to go through multiple phases of sleep regression. It’s quite common to experience sleep regression around 4 months, so be conscious of that.

Things That Help Baby Sleep More

How much should my baby be sleeping? As a new mom, this is one of the questions you may ask yourself. Use these sleep schedule suggestions to help your little one adjust to newborn life. #parenting #momlife #sleep

A few more thoughts on life with an infant

Whether you’re in the trenches of newborn life and desperately looking for a way to get more sleep, or pregnant with your first child and doing some proactive research, these tips should get you started creating a successful sleep schedule!

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