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9 Things you MUST do during your First Trimester

9 Things you MUST do during your First Trimester

So, you’re pregnant?!?! Congrats! Read on to find out all the things to do in early pregnancy, what to avoid in first trimester and all the pregnancy tips to have a healthy and smooth first trimester of pregnancy.

Now what to do first? That’s always a good question.

Check out this list of important things to do during your first trimester of pregnancy.

It might have been a battle getting pregnant, relatively simple or a maybe a complete surprise pregnancy.

No matter the path you had to take to conceive, now is the time to make sure you’re doing everything you can to have a healthy pregnancy for baby and find out what to avoid in the first trimester.

Eat Frequently in the First Trimester

Make sure to eat every 2-3 hours to help keep your “morning sickness” at bay.

Be aware that Morning Sickness doesn’t just happen in the morning.

It can happen at any point during the day. And it can be an all day event.

If you’re trying to lessen the nausea and keep it to a minimum, don’t wait too long between meals.

Keep snacking between meals and make sure to get enough protein in those snacks and meals.

Make healthy food choices.

In fact, eating healthy throughout your WHOLE pregnancy is so important for both you and your developing baby. Get access to the best pregnancy nutrition program online.

It’s incredibly comprehensive without being overwhelming and will help you create healthy, lifelong food choices, recipes and truly understand nutrition for the rest of your pregnancy and throughout motherhood.

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Make Your Initial Prenatal Doctor Appointment

Your OB won’t see you immediately in most cases. Depneding on your personal history, when you found out you were pregnant and your current health will determine when your doctor will see you and how often.

Once you take a urine pregnancy test and it is positive, your doctor will most likely want to run blood work and check your beta HCG levels to make sure they are increasing appropriately.

It is common for your obstetrician to want you to come in to the doctors office to run a pregnancy test in office before sending you out for a blood draw pregnancy test.

Some doctors may omit the in office visit. And some will omit the blood HCG test.

Stay organized and ready for each prenatal doctor visit with a pregnancy planner. Amazon’s Top Choice is listed below

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Don’t Run to The OB Too Early

If you’re running to your doctor at 4 weeks past your last menstrual cycle (your period), don’t expect to be getting an ultrasound to see the baby. There’s nothing developed enough to see on an ultrasound at four weeks.

Trust me, I’m a Registered Sonographer, you’re wasting your time and breaking your own hopes and heart by trying to see things too early.

Please know that you doctor most likely won’t order an ultrasound until you’re around 6-7 weeks gestational age.

By the time you’re 6 weeks, the technologist should be able to at least see a gestational sac, maybe even a fetal pole (aka the baby).

By 7 weeks, they should see a fetal pole and most likely a visual heartbeat. Around this time is a great time to get the most accurate ultrasound computer estimated due date for your pregnancy.

Keep in mind that the fetal pole is only measuring in millimeters, so waiting until the appropriate time is EXTREMELY important.

I know it’s hard to wait in early pregnancy, but, waiting until the necessary time, gives the pregnancy time to grow to a size that is detectable by ultrasound.

This early ultrasound is also best for dating of the pregnancy.

It’s especially good for those who don’t have regular periods or are unsure of the last menstrual date to get an estimated gestational age from.

If you’re technologist asks if you know your Beta number, please share it- if you know it.

This helps the Radiologist (the doctor who will be reading the images) to get an idea as to what they should be seeing on the images and where you are during your first trimester of pregnancy.

If you have higher HCG, where they should be seeing a fetal pole and heart rate, but they are not, knowing this number can help them decide between a viable and non-viable pregnancy.

Plan and Schedule Your Prenatal Visits

If you’re aware that you are pregnant during your first trimester, make sure to make it to your prenatal visits.

This will help the doctor know when to schedule certain exams.

Depending on your pregnancy history and other information, your doctor may order a Nuchal Translucency scan.

This test must be done in a specific time range, usually between 11-13 weeks gestational age.

To learn about what to expect during your ultrasound appointments, check out this post here.

I share a ton of info that will help you feel more educated and prepared for your pregnancy ultrasounds.

Spread the Word About Your Pregnancy

Try to wait toward the end of first trimester or beginning of your second trimester to announce your pregnancy.

The miscarriage rate is much higher in the first trimester and you don’t want to set yourself up for failure.

The last thing you want to do is go spreading the exciting news of your pregnancy– only to have to be retracting it later and having to relive the sadness with each person that you tell.

I’m not saying that miscarriages aren’t to be talked about, because, I’m a full believer that the more attention and awareness we bring to the situation, the easier it can be to learn about and get through.

pregnancy announcement

I’m saying, it is hard to tell those same people that you are no longer expecting. I know from experience. It’s like one of the worst conversations you can imagine having. 

Portion Control During Pregnancy

As mentoned earlier, early pregnancy is not an all you eat excuse. Don’t eat for two during the first trimester (second trimester or third trimester- you may even find you’re not as hungry then, especially when it’s around time to give birth).

Make smart eating habits and change your diet to a healthier one if necessary. This is a great recommendation even if you haven’t conceived yet and are just looking to boost your fertility health.

Make sure to take your prenatal vitamins. I’ve also compound a list of healthy food choices that are great for fertility and during your first trimester of pregnancy.

Need help making sure you are getting all the proper nutrition that you and baby need during pregnancy? Check out these delicious shakes that I drank during my third pregnancy. I loved having the convenient meal ready to go that was packed full of dense nutrition and tasted amazinggggg.

And of course, staying active during your pregnancy is just as important as portion control during your pregnancy. I highly recommend checking out this pregnancy fitness program. It’s designed for mama’s to be in mind. It was created to help prepare your body for labor and delivery too.

Hydration While Pregnant

Make sure to stay hydrated. This will help for all of your blood work, your possible morning sickness and helps the pregnancy overall.

Water is always a good thing. I always struggled with my water consumption and by far, the most helpful thing was a large water bottle with straw.

Grab yours below

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Stop the Internet Madness

Don’t be a Dr. Google.

Don’t “google” every sign and symptom of early pregnancy that you may be experiencing. Don’t “google” all of the pregnancy symptoms you can think of.

You’ll make yourself paranoid and drive you and your family crazy.

Prenatal Vitamins

Can I stress this enough?!

This helps with initial brain development and neural tube development. You need this from the very beginning.

Some doctors will put you on this before you are pregnant if they know you are trying to conceive.

They do not hurt you to take before hand before you conceive.

It is just a vitamin boost that your body will surely appreciate pregnant or not.

Grab my favorite below:

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These are extremely essential for your first trimester of pregnancy. Ask your doctor about folic acid, the benefits it has on pregnancy and why you need to make sure you’re getting enough.

Things You Shouldn’t Do While Pregnant

Drop bad habits like smoking, drinking and drug use.

It’s bad for you and baby (and most likely everybody else around you).

Babies are very expensive and you can use this money you are wasting your time on those bad habits and save it for the upcoming baby expenses.

Just saying 😉

Questions About the First Trimester

How Long Is The First Trimester?

Great question, and while the first part of pregnancy may feel lik forever if you’re battling morning sickness, it’s the same length as the second and third trimester.

A full term pregnancy lasts 40 weeks and is divided into 3 sections (trimesters). The first trimester is from week 1 to the end of week 12.

Next, the second trimester is from week 13 to the end of week 26.

Finally, the third trimester and final section is from week 27 to the end of the pregnancy (when you give birth).

Grab your pregnancy by weeks cards below

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Our first TTC story is an interesting one.

My first successful pregnancy was quite unusual.

I had a placental abruption and wound up on bed rest for a good chunk of my pregnancy and on extended maternity leave after having our oldest daughter due to complications from labor.

If you want to read more about our pregnancy journey, you can find more info here.

If you’re looking to find some pregnancy books to use as resources, we’ve found some great ones from Amazon for both Mom and Dad.

Best Early Pregnancy Books:

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Tuesday 18th of July 2017

Such great tips! I had no idea that eating would combat morning sickness. Thanks for the tips! I will keep them in mind whenever I get pregnant :)

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Yes to all of this! So confession: With both of my pregnancies I just had this feeling that I was pregnant. I was going to take a test but instead I drank a couple glasses of wine and took the test the next day. It was my 'last supper,' of sorts :P :P While I don't recommend this, it totally took the edge off (we were NOT trying to get pregnant the first time lol)

Tuesday 18th of July 2017

It's only natural to have a little last hoorah if you're okay with it!

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I know it's hard Katherine! But try to resis :) your sanity will thank you, lol. If you can't resist, try to minimize it. It can be hard, I understand!