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25 Days of Christmas- Disney Movie Edition

25 Days of Christmas- Disney  Movie Edition

Ready to welcome in the Holiday Season? Why not celebrate every single day in December leading up to Christmas with these 25 Days of Christmas- Disney Movies?!?!?

Grab all the best Disney movies made for the Christmas and Holiday Season and watch them as a family while getting ready for the big day.

Don’t miss out on any of these Classic Christmas Movies and start a brand new Family Tradition. Christmas isn’t always about gifts, it’s about celebrating the holiday season and remembering why we are celebrating it together.

While many of these movies may be available on Disney+, you may want to purchase them on DVD, Blueray or other streaming devices so you can watch them even when you’re not in the holiday season.

(Our kids watch The Grinch, year round. Yes, it’s not Disney, but it’s a Christmas Time movie they can’t get enough of, so we will be sharing our favorites with links to grab them when you need them!

Just pick a movie to watch each night leading up to Christmas and you’ll have the best month-ish long movie marathon as a family.

1. Pluto’s Christmas Tree

You can find this and a few other classics in a bundle package on a dvd/blue ray option

[amazon box=”B0009OUB06″ template=”horizontal” description_items=1]

2. Good Luck Charlie It’s Christmas

The movie synopsis (“The Duncans are separated after Teddy makes a decision to give up her seat.”) is kind of lack luster, but the reviews for this movie are great. So many families have chimmed in saying how they’ve added this to their Christmas movie traditions and watch it every year.

You can get this movie on Amazon Prime- rent or buy it options.

[amazon box=”B01GWBR0JE” template=”horizontal” description_items=1]

3. Olafs Frozen Adventure

Last year you could stream this on Disney+, but you never know if that’s going to be the same thing this year or not. it’s also a limited time streaming feature and if you have kids who LOVE anything Frozen, you may need this all year long.

Grab the Blueray option:

[amazon box=”B07GW3PMDK” template=”horizontal” description_items=1]

And if your kids love anything Frozen, you can grab the book too. It would make a great Christmas present gift idea as well.

4. Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas

We do want to point out that a lot of the reviews of this movie claim how it’s a “dark” movie, saying that they made the Beast a little on the darker, scarier side. Most families recommended this for an older kids Christmas movie, not necessarily for the toddlers and younger kids.

They did get the original actors to voice the characters, which is nice to keep it the same as the original movie. We say this is great for older kids and parents who are looking for a little edgier Christmas movie, but it you’re only looking for warm and fuzzy Christmas movies, swap this one out for something else.

You can get this on Prime Video to buy it or you can grab the DVD below.

[amazon box=”B01IEBJARA” template”horizontal” description_items=1]

5. The Ultimate Christmas Present

You can watch this movie on Prime Video – rental or buy it for forever (and it may be available on Disney+ in time? Keep an eye out)

The synopsis given on Prime Video is “Allie and Sam happen upon a weather-making machine left by Santa Claus.”.

We think it’s a cute movie and great to watch all year long too.

6. Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups

This is a cute kids movie that our family just loves to watch. You don’t even NEED to watch the first one yet, but you can if you want.

[amazon box=”B008C3AW78″ template=”horizontal” description_items=1]

Grab the first one if you like, it’s The Search For Santa Paws

[amazon box=”B003E4B0GW” template=”horizontal” description_items=1]

7. The Santa Clause

This is an allllll time favorite of ours- again, one our kids watch allll year long. It did stream on Disney+ last year, so maybe it will again this year. We will have to wait and see. But you can get it for youselves on Prime Video. You can rent it or buy it there.

Also, you can grab the WHOLE 3 MOVIE collection on Blueray (which is what we did since the kiddos want to watch it all year!)

[amazon box=”B07TKNFSDB” template=”horizontal” description_items=1]

8. Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas

Well, guess what, this was on Disney+ last year and if it’s not this year, it’s okay because we bought it. You know why- our kids can’t stop watching this even if it’s not Christmas time and they love the next one too!

I can’t lie, we watch it with them even if it’s not Christmastime too. It’s too cute and it’s a little collection of short movies!

[amazon box=”6305950547″ template=”horizontal” description_items=1]

9. Prep & Landing: Naughty vs. Nice

This is a really cute movie. It’s actually the second in the series, so grab the combo movie shared below if you haven’t seen the first one.

[amazon box=”B0088X7Z4A” template=”horizontal” description_items=1]

Product Description about the movie (not written by us, copied from the listing):

“PREP & LANDING — On Christmas Eve, a high-tech team of elves from an elite unit known as ‘Prep & Landing’ ensures homes around the world are prepared for Santa’s visit. But when two hilarious little elves face unexpected challenges and are pushed to their limits, it’ll take a great big effort to save the season. Enjoy a heartwarming holiday classic sure to make everyone’s Christmas list!

PREP & LANDING: NAUGHTY VS. NICE — The outrageous yuletide adventures of Christmas elves Lanny and Wayne continue in this totally tinsel adventure that reminds us there’s room for everyone on the ‘nice’ list. Santa’s stealthiest little elves must race to recover classified North Pole technology, which has fallen into the hands of a computer-hacking naughty kid, in order to stop Christmas from descending into chaos. Bring the family together for a comical adventure that puts the Ho, Ho, Ho in your holidays!”

10. Godmothered

Unfortunately, this is one we couldn’t find a link to show you more about. But it’s very cute and was streaming on Disney+ previously.

Fingers crossed it does again this holiday season.

11. Babes in Toyland

This is a CLASSIC! This movie originally came out in 1961!

[amazon box=”B000065V3X” template=”horizontal” description_items=1]

For those who may not have seen this 60 year old classic, here’s the editorial review “Enjoy a happy excursion into the world of Mother Goose in Walt Disney’s first musical production! All roads lead to magical, merry Toyland as Mary Contrary and Tom Piper prepare for their wedding! But villainous Barnaby wants Mary for himself, so he kidnaps Tom, setting off a series of comic chases, searches, and double-crosses! The “March Of The Wooden Soldiers” helps put Barnaby in his place, and ensures a “happily ever after” for Tom and Mary! This joyful musical fantasy is a delightful experience for the whole family!|This was the studio’s first live-action musical fantasy.”

12. Mickey’s Christmas Carol

Take a wild guess- do you think our kids LOVE this movie? You’re probably right, they do. They’re obsessed with Disney if you can’t tell by now and we love how these are all generally feel-good movies. Our kids especially love Mickey Mouse and his gang.

Grab this fantastic movie here:

[amazon box=”B00DGWZK0Y” template=”horizontal” description_items=1]

13. Star Wars Holiday Special

Calling all Star Wars fans! This holiday special will be right up your alley.

Some newer Star Wars fans might not have realized this was even around as it was created in 1978.

Get your hands on this for your Star Wars fan who would really appreciate this movie during the holidays!

[amazon box=”B076FDVPL4″ template=”horizontal” description_items=1]

14. The Nutcracker and The 4 Realms

This is part of a collection we didn’t even realize was out there.

The Editorial Review says this “From the studio that brought you BEAUTY AND THE BEAST comes the reimagined tale of THE NUTCRACKER. When Clara’s mother leaves her a mysterious gift, she embarks on a journey to four secret realms — where she discovers her greatest strength could change the world!

[amazon box=”6317550433″ template=”horizontal” description_items=1]

15. One Magic Christmas

This is a cute movie where a mother’s young, 6 year old child reminds her about the magic and joy of Christmas.

Grab it on DVD here:

[amazon box=”B0001I55YM” template=”horizontal” description_items=1]

16. A Very Merry Pooh Year

Winnie The Pooh is a classic Disney favorite in our household as well. So, when I remembered they had a holiday special, I knew it had to be on our list.

We can’t wait to share this one with the kiddos.

[amazon box=”B00DGWZKGS” template=”horizontal” description_items=1]

17. Santa Buddies: The Legend of Santa Paws

I know they streamed this on Disney+ last year because I remember watching it. I hadn’t seen it before and it was super cute.

Be careful if you have a dog who doesn’t like seeing dogs on tv lol. My parent’s dog doesn’t like real or animated dogs on TV, she goes crazy.

Make sure to add this to your Christmas Movie watch list:

[amazon box=”B00267N3E0″ template=”horizontal” description_items=1]

18. Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas

We shared the first set of this collection a few movies ago, and this one is so popular as well, we had to include it.

If you loved Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas movie, you will love this too. You’ve gotta check out the second one, Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas. It’s another cute roundup of Disney Christmas shorts.

[amazon box=”B00006JZI2″ template=”horizontal” description_items=1]

19. Santa Clause 2

Another movie we started the list with was The Santa Clause. It’s so good. We mentioned it had 3 in the series and knew you’d want to watch the second one as well.

You’ll be excited to meet Mrs. Clause in this one!

Grab the 2nd one here:

[amazon box=”B00008X5J7″ template=”horizontal” description_items=1]

20. Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause

It wouldn’t be right not to watch the 3rd and final chapter of this Christmas set classic. This movie is where a fake Santa appears… oh no!

Don’t miss out on the action with this movie:

[amazon box=”B000OLGCIE” template=”horizontal” description_items=1]

21. The Christmas Star

You can watch this movie on Prime Video and probably on Disney+ when it starts streaming.

Check out the trailer if you want to see if this movie about a counterfiter turned Christmas believer would be for you.

22. I’ll Be Home For Christmas

This is another great throwback Christmas movie. I’m sure anybody who was a childhood fan/crush on JTT (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) would have seen this movie. It’s such a Christmas classic.

Grab it here for your whole family to enjoy:

[amazon box=”B00004Z1GR” template=”horizontal” description_items=1]

23. Twas The Night

Another movie where Santa Clause is accidentally knocked out on Christmas Eve- oh no, who will save Christmas?

You can rent or buy this one on Prime Video.

24. The Muppets Christmas Carol

Is it really Christmas without this movie? Everyone loves The Muppets Christmas Carol. This is also a common one kids like to watch even when it’s not Christmastime.

Grab yours here:

[amazon box=”B000ATQYT2″ template=”horizontal” description_items=1]

25. Noelle

This is a newer Christmas movie, but totally deserves to be on this list.

We streamed it last year so it should be available again this year.

We hope you enjoy watching these Christmas movies and can add them to your family Christmas Traditions. Another tradition we enjoy are sharing advent calendars too.

You can grab this printable to share and check off the list as you go!

Happy movie watching!
Share your favorites below in the comments.

25 Disney Christmas movies.