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25 Evergreen Vintage Baby Girl Names With Meanings

25 Evergreen Vintage Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Vintage baby girl names might have gone out of trend, but there are a few vintage girl names with charm that are evergreen and are going to be loved by modern parents too.

Timeless baby names will be cherished forever. They might go missing in between but w\they always come back as trending baby names every now and then.

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Old-styled baby names have their own glory. Some are elegant and feminine, some are strong and masculine. But all of these baby names are having beautiful meanings.

Here is a list of 25 Old-Fashioned Girl Names that are traditional, evergreen, and are extremely lovable. You will find the finest vintage baby name for your little one from this list of old-fashioned baby girl names.

What Are Some Old Fashioned Baby Girl Names?

Try any of these girl names for your sweet bundle of joy:


The name Eloise is of French origin. It is known to be one of the most popular Classic French names for girls. Eloise means “Healthy”.


Did you know that Friday was named for Freya, the goddess of love and fertility as per Norse mythology? The name Freya is of Scandinavian origin and it means “Noble Lady”.


The name Charlotte is a female diminutive of the masculine name “Charles” and “Charlot”. It is a name of French origin and it means “Petite”.


How about giving a beautiful name like Seraphina to your little love? She deserves this prestigious name because as per the Jewish scriptures, the seraphim are known to be the highest-ranking angels of God.

Seraphina is a feminine version of the Hebrew word Seraphim. The Biblical meaning of Seraphim is “The Burning Ones”.  Seraphim are known to have six wings and their devotion to God is unfailing.


The name Penelope is of Greek origin. Penelope means “Weaver” and it is a name from Greek mythology. You will rarely find a vintage name as old as this.


Cordelia, the daughter in the King Lear play was known to be extremely kind-hearted. Her characteristics include devotion and faith.

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The name Cordelia means “The Daughter Of The Sea”.


Thea is just another spelling of the Greek goddess Theia. The name Thea means “goddess” itself.

Goddess Theia was the Greek goddess of light and was the mother of Dawn, Moon, and Sun. Isn’t that a pretty vintage name for your baby girl? It definitely is.


The name Winifred is of Welsh and old English origin. Winifred means “Holy and Blessed”. It makes a perfect match for your blessed baby girl.


The name Matilda is the English version of the Germanic female name Mahthildis. It is derived from the Old High German “Maht”.

The meaning of Matilda is “Strength”.


As per Greek mythology, Persephone was the daughter of Demeter. The name Persephone is another ancient name from the Greek culture and it means the “Bringer Of Destruction.”


Julia is the feminine version of an old Roman family name Julius. The name Julia became a trending name in the 18th century and it still remains fresh and sounds fashionable in this era.

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The meaning of the name Julia is “Youthful”.


The name Dinah is of Hebrew origin. Dinah means judged or fulfilled. In other words, the name Dinah means “God Will Judge.”

The name Dinah’s popularity had declined in the past few decades but it just has got dusted off and climbing the chart of popularity again.


Etta is a feminine name of English origin. It is known to be the short form of Henrietta. The name Etta means “Estate Ruler.”


The name Eulalia is known to be another ancient Greek name and it means “Well-spoken”.


Hester is a female given name of Greek origin. It means Star. Wouldn’t that be a perfect name for your starry baby?


A variant of the name Helen, Helena means “Shining Light”. It is one of the most beautiful vintage baby girl names from the ancient Greek era.


Felicity is the name of English origin and it means “Happiness”. The name Felicity is derived from the Latin word Felicitas which means “Luck, Prosperity, and Good Fortune.”

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The name Lena has its roots in various cultures including Greek, Spanish, and Italian. Lena can be used as a stand-alone name or also can be stated as the short form of the names Helena, Selena, and Maddalena.

It is a beautiful four-letter name for girls and it means “Alluring”.


The name Mabel is of English origin and it is derived from the Latin word Amabilis. Mabel means “Dear and Lovable”. That makes an impeccable choice of pretty name for your little love.


Marcella is a female given name of Roman and Italian origins. It is known to be a feminine version of Marcello. Marcella means “Young warrior, strong, and martial.”

It makes a pristine choice of name for your little girl who is as strong as a warrior.


The name Marguerite is a French version of the female-given name Margaret or the Latin name Margarita. This name was often used in the ancient Persian language.

Marguerite or Margaret means “Pearl”.


Ramona is a feminine version of the German name Raymond and the Spanish name Ramon. This name has its roots in several cultures including Spanish, German, and Roman, etc.

The meaning of the name Ramona is “Protecting Hands.”


Rowena is a classic French name given to girls by their parents. The name Ramona means “Happiness and Fame.”

That makes the perfect choice of name for your joyful baby girl.


The name Verity is derived from the Latin word Veritas. Verity is a name of English origin that means “Truth and Veracity.”


The name Sybil is of Greek origin and means Oracle or Prophetess. As per Christian theology, Sybils were known to have divine knowledge.

Hence, Sybil makes an impeccable selection of names for your divine baby.

I am sure you have found the perfect vintage baby girl names from this list. Have the pride of choosing a perfect and pristine rustic name for your beautiful baby and this name will be cherished by her forever.

What Are Some Cute Old Fashioned Girl Names?

If you can’t find your girl name above, try one of these:

  • Caroline
  • Adelaide
  • Dottie
  • Vada

What Are Some Girls Names From The 1800’s?

Try one of these super old fashioned names:

  • Anna
  • Elizabeth
  • Emma
  • Margaret.
  • Mary
  • Minnie
  • Ida
  • Rose
  • Victoria

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