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8 Ways to Ring in the New Year with Kids

8 Ways to Ring in the New Year with Kids

If you have small children at home, staying up until midnight on New Year’s Eve may be challenging. But just because you have little ones doesn’t mean you can’t ring in the New Year in style. Look below at these 8 ways to ring in the New Year with kids, and see how fun and even budget-friendly this time with your family can be. 

Sparklers in 2 hands.

So relax, pop a bottle of sparkling cider, and check out these 8 ways to ring in the New Year with kids so that when the countdown is on, you can be prepared.

1. Pass Out Grab Bags

Create small grab bags with crayons, kids playing cards, candy, snacks, and small toys.

Starting at 5 p.m., pass out a goodie bag to each child every hour, on the hour.

This is a fun way to keep them actively engaged with the countdown and gives them something to look forward to each hour!

Glitter ball.

2. Make Your Own Glitter Ball

Kids may not make it up to see the ball drop in Times Square, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own glittery magic.

Fill a balloon with confetti, then blow it up and tie closed. You can then decorate the balloon with glitter, stickers, or markers.

Choose the time that you will pop your balloon, and do your own countdown to ring in the new year.

3. Pull Out The Board Games

Instead of playing on devices or watching television all night, pull out an assortment of board games.

Now is a great time to play board games, cards, and old fashioned favorites like jacks or pick up sticks. This is a fun way for kids to stay active and enjoy some competitive time as a family.

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4. Set Up Activity Stations

Choose a few family-friendly activities like face painting, cupcake decorating, nail painting, and slime making.

Set up card tables and set these activities up as stations. Enjoy each station for an hour before moving on to the next. Kids will love having a new activity to look forward to each hour.

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5. Create A Snack Buffet

Instead of preparing a fancy NYE dinner, make a buffet of the kid’s favorite snacks.

Set out a buffet with bowls of crackers, cheese, Goldfish, pretzels, fruit, and other items they can graze on. This way, they can enjoy the activities and just help themselves when hungry.

Make fun finger foods, like Spider PB&J’s or Mickey Mouse Gingerbread Cookies.

Make a blanket fort on new years eve.

6. Build Blanket Forts

When you are ready to camp out in front of the television and watch the New Year’s Eve specials, grab your pillows and blankets and build a fort.

Kids will enjoy creating their own magical playspace and will be excited to cuddle up inside and watch their shows.

7. Read One Last Book For The Year

Now that everyone is settled into the blanket fort, choose the last book you will read for the year. Decide as a family which children’s book you would like to enjoy, then gather everyone around for read aloud. Really go all out with expression and character voices if you can!

Reading in fort.

8. Make A List Of Family New Year’s Resolutions

Grab a notepad and spend a few minutes deciding your family goals for the New Year.

Will you aim to have less television time? More family dinners? More outside time? Take a few minutes to write these goals down and find a place to display them.

What Can Families Do On New Year’s Eve?

What a great question, try any of these 8 fun and exciting ideas listed above to do as a family on New Year’s Eve.

If you need more ideas, try hosting a small dinner party for you and a few family friends.

Maybe try a family charades-type game.

Try out this one:

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If you have children at home, consider these 8 ways to ring in the New Year with kids. These ideas are easy to implement and are sure to be enjoyed by the whole family!

Share what you plan to do as a family in the comments below.

fun ways to stay entertained on New Years Eve with Kids.