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Halloween Pumpkin Tide Container Craft

Halloween Pumpkin Tide Container Craft

I’ve got this easy and very adorable Halloween Pumpkin Tide Container Craft for you today. It’s a great DIY Halloween decoration that the kids can help you make.

We know that Halloween this year is going to be different from many other years, so here’s a fun way to bring some Halloween cheer to this year! 2020 has been a year for the books, so why not have some fun and make this cute Pumpkin DIY Craft.

Pumpkin Halloween Tide Container Craft Materials:

All your Tide Container Pumpkin Craft Materials

Laundry Pod Container Pumpkin Craft Instructions

  1. Start by removing the label from the laundry pods container by soaking it in hot water, scraping, and then using GooGone to remove completely.
  2. Next, remove the top from the container. 
  3. Cut the green construction or card stock paper into a stem shape leaving enough room on the bottom to create a tab to glue to the top of the container.
  4. Using a paint brush, cover the top of the container with liquid glue Sprinkle it with green glitter and allow to dry.
  5. Then twist the chenille stems around a pen or pencil to create curls. Apply liquid glue to the stems and sprinkle or roll in green glitter. Once it’s dry, attach it to the top of the container to look like pumpkin vines.
  6. Print your template and cut it out.
  7. Apply the template to the side of the container.
  8. Display and enjoy.

Visual Instructions for Parts of the Pumpkin Tide Pod Container Craft:

tide pod container pumpkin craft supplies
Grab all your materials, make sure you remove the label from the laundry pod container.
Remove the top, paint it with craft glue and use a paint brush to apply the glitter all over.
Cut the green stem, leaving a tab to glue it to the top and then glitter that as well.
Use a pencil or pen to curl your pipe cleaner. Apply glue to it and roll in glitter as well.
Cut your face out and apply to the orange pumpkin area.
Here’s your completed Halloween DIY Decoration. ENJOY.

This is a super simple and fun DIY Halloween craft. If this is something you enjoyed, we have some other crafts you should check out too!

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Share your pumpkin crafts in the comments below!

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