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Fall Frankenstein Craft

Fall Frankenstein Craft

Hey guys, here’s a fun fall Frankenstein Craft. You can make it with a recycled Gain Laundry Detergent Pods Container! It’s super cute, easy and a fun decoration to display.

Adorable Frankenstein Gain Flings Container Decoration

Laundry Detergent Container Frankenstein Decoration Materials:

Frankenstein Decoration Instructions:

  1. Remove the label from the laundry pods container by soaking in hot water, scraping it off, and then using GooGone to finish removing the label completely.
  2. Print the Frankenstein template and cut.
  3. Apply the template to the side of the container.
  4. Glue one pom pom to each side of the container.
  5. Create a stitched neckline using black tape.

HELPFUL NOTE: (You can also use a heat gun to warm the label but the ease of this option varies based on the brand. For instance, I found using a heat gun to be easy on Gain containers but difficult on Tide containers.)

Visual Instructions for Frankenstein Decoration:

Remove the label from the laundry container with whatever method works best for you- See my note above about what worked best for me with this container. You’ll also see pieces cut out here as well.

Print the templates and cut as necessary. View and Print the templates:

Apply the black layer after you’ve cut it out.
Cut the red and white parts for the eyes, glue on those pieces and then you’ll add to your container.
Once you’ve added the eyes, they’ll look like this above
Add your pom poms and the stitching neck from black tape
Final Product – Halloween Frankenstein DIY Craft

Enjoy this fun craft with your kiddos.

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