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Learn how to breastfeed in 90 minutes

Learn how to breastfeed in 90 minutes

I remember my first pregnancy, as the end approached, I found myself just as nervous about learning how to breastfeed as I was for the actual delivery of our daughter.

I only wish I could have found this awesome course from Milkology, about learning how to breastfeed successfully back then.

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Learn How to Breastfeed From Your Couch

Learn to #breastfeed in 90 minutes with this Ultimate Breastfeeding Class from Milkology. This class teaches you the basics of breastfeeding, answers the questions of breastfeeding and helps take away your breastfeeding fears. Learn more how this course on breastfeeding can prepare you for parenthood. #breastfeeding #newmom #breastmilk

This e-course I found is called, The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class. For only $19 you’ll learn all the breastfeeding basics you need to get your breastfeeding journey off on the right foot!

Are you afraid that breastfeeding will be hard? Don’t know how to start or what expect?

Scared your baby won’t latch properly and it will hurt?

Concerned if your milk supply will be enough for your new baby?

Are any of these things, things you can relate to?

If so, you’re in the right place!

There’s so much that The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class can teach you in just a 90 minute e-course.

Some things you’ll learn in The Breastfeeding Class:

  • You’ll learn things like the properties of breast milk.

Did you know there are different kinds of milk – foremilk and hindmilk and both are beneficial for different reasons for your baby.

  • Learn why breastfeeding is so great for you, baby and the world as a whole.
Are you anxious to learn to breastfeed? Check out this ultimate breastfeeding course that will teach you the tips to get a proper latch, different parts of breastmilk, how to make breastfeeding less painful, different breastfeeding positions and SO much more. Grab all the breastfeeding tips you can find, all in one place. Use this course to efficiently learn to #breastfeed. #breastfeeding #ecourse #newmom #momlife #breastisbeast
  • With this class you can actually learn how your body creates and produces milk. In turn, you can find out the best practices to keep your breast milk supply at the optimal level.
  • What to generally expect during your breastfeeding journey
  • How you can tell if your little bundle of joy is getting enough nourishment and nutrients from your breast milk.
  • With this course from Milkology, they share how to find your breastfeeding support network. You’ll also learn when you should reach out for help and who to reach to.
With this ecourse you can learn how to breastfeed from the comfort of your own home. This breastfeeding class course has all the breastfeeding tips and tricks any #newmom needs. #breastfeeding Whether you choose to exclusively breastfeed or use a breast pump, this course can help you feel prepared for your breastfeeding journey.

This course also offers some fantastic bonuses, such as breastfeeding milestone cards and the ultimate breastfeeding troubleshooting guide. Plus an awesome ebook to check out!

Bonus Breastfeeding Courses:

I have even more exciting news! Milkology is working on a pumping class that is perfect for any mother that is pumping and getting ready to return to work or school.

I’m currently working through the course and once I finish it, I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you on that e-course as well.

For now, head over to Milkology and get access to your Ultimate Breastfeeding Course and use the rest of your pregnancy to prepare for your breastfeeding journey.

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