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6 Tips to Save Money on Formula

6 Tips to Save Money on Formula

We all know that breastfeeding is the cheapest way to feed your infant, but, sometimes that doesn’t always work.

If you’re struggling with breastfeeding, don’t miss out on these tips from an experienced breastfeeding mom.

I know how formula feeding can be very expensive. I've put together a list of how to save big dollars on your baby formula and stay to your budget! Grab the list of ways to save on baby formula and learn about all the freebies and coupons to save money. #parenting #parentingonabudget #savemoney #savingmoney #moneysavingtips #formulafeeding

For some moms, they can’t get their bodies to cooperate and produce enough milk when the baby needs it. Some infants have trouble latching and feeding.

Some moms just can’t handle it mentally, let alone all the physical expectations.

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Then, some parents have the issues that we had with our oldest, she had dairy and soy allergies/intolerances.

Even after eliminating them from my diet, she wasn’t getting better fast enough, so even though I didn’t want to quit breastfeeding, I had to do what was best for my daughter.

We had to switch to formula, and not just any formula, hypoallergenic formula that was a bank breaker.

We needed the “ready to feed” version for our daughter. Make sure you do your research if you baby is having trouble with any formula.

We quickly found out just because a formula is called the same thing and has a powder and ready to feed liquid version. The ingredients can be different and may impact your child if they have allergies.

Formula can be pricey, but, we found ways to lower those costs.

1. Use Rebate apps

Use any of the rebate apps like, Ibotta. Quite frequently, Ibotta has formula cash back on their app.

Have you started using Ibotta? It’s free, easy to use and the earnings add up quick. Especially, if you’re on a team. Join mine today! 

I almost always see diaper and wipes cash back on there too. Have you checked out our saving tips for diapers yet?

Ebates is great if you shop online. I used Ebates when I shopped at Jet.

They would sell the ready to feed formula in a 6 pack that would be slightly cheaper, free shipping and I’d be getting rebate money using Ebates!

It all adds up!

Receipt Pal is great to submit any and all receipts and you can earn money towards gift cards. I use my rewards to turn in for Amazon gift cards. I know it’s available in the iTunes App Store  (unsure about Android or Google Play since I only have an iPhone).

2. Facebook groups

We looked for Swap n Sell Facebook groups, Formula groups and any Mom groups. Moms would sell their unused unopened formula to other moms at discounted prices.

Easy to find, you can get reviews from other people who have bought from them and if they’re local, you can meet up and buy them instead of paying for shipping.

3. Pediatrician

Some pediatrician offices have sample cans. Some pediatricians can give you multiple cans at any visits. Any extra or free cans will surely help!

This is especially helpful if you are still “trial-ing” formulas to try and figure out which one is going to work best with your little one.

The sample cans are great for that instance, that way you don’t have to buy the big cans and end up wasting them if your little one doesn’t agree with that formula.

Pediatricians can be a great resource for asking how to save money on formula.

I know how formula feeding can be very expensive. I've put together a list of how to save big dollars on your baby formula and stay to your budget! Grab the list of ways to save on baby formula and learn about all the freebies and coupons to save money. #parenting #parentingonabudget #savemoney #savingmoney #moneysavingtips #formulafeeding

4. Online Coupons

Enfamil and Similac both offer programs for coupons or rebate checks. If you sign up online at Enfamil or Similac, they’ll send you these vouchers in the mail that you can use.

We used these coupons quite a bit and saved a TON of money with our first daughter. I highly recommend signing up for their coupons. They’ll even send you a Welcome to Motherhood new mom kit!

5. Target coupons

So keep this in mind if your local target sells formula you need. Our target often runs sales on baby items and/or promotions where if you spend $X on baby items you get a $X free gift card to use on your next purchase.

This is like getting free money ? I could easily spend $X between diapers, wipes and formula one week and have the free gift card for formula the next week.

Check their Cartwheel/ Target App for even more available savings! It all adds up!

Pro Mama Tip: Are you looking ahead to the baby food stage? Check out these tips for saving money on baby food and how to create your own baby food for your little one from our friend Jena over at Live Core Strong!

6. Check with your insurance company

If you have a medical reason as to why your child needs a specific formula – like an allergy for example. Some insurance companies will cover a percentage of the cost each month of the formula if you provide the necessary documentation.

Learn from our mistake- we found this out as we were getting ready to wean our daughter off formula and on to whole milk.

Keep in mind- cows milk may not be for everyone and your baby may need goats milk or some sort of nut milk.

Bonus Pro Mama Tip: And you can learn more about baby led weaning and how to do it safely. 

I hope these 6 tips to save money on formula can help keep your budget afloat with your new baby.

Parenting can be hard, don’t let the stress of money and a budget add to it.

Have any tips you’d like to add? Share them in the comments below!