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Fun Baby Shower Games

Fun Baby Shower Games

Baby showers are such a special and wonderful time to celebrate the upcoming birth of a baby or in some cases, of babies. The day is spent giving love to the parents, enjoying snacks and drinks, opening gifts and playing fun baby shower games that are all baby related.

Sometimes there are certain themes that are used for the decorations, food, and games while other baby showers are just full of anything and everything.

Ladies sitting on white couch, one holding up a baby outfit.
Women having a baby-party in a living room

No matter who is throwing the baby shower, as long as baby and mama are happy, that is all that ever matters! Take a look at these 5 super fun baby shower games that will have your guests raving about all of the fun that they had plus a super cute gender neutral 5 pack of games!

Pin the Pacifier!

With the same concept in mind as pin the tail to the donkey, you must pin the pacifier to the baby while being blindfolded! It is also very gender neutral and quite vibrant to add a touch of color to the room.

Everything is reusable, so not only can it be used for your baby shower but you could make it a family tradition and pass it down as a fun game to be played in every baby shower from here on out.

How special would that be to start a family tradition?! We love family traditions, especially our Christmas Family Traditions.

Nursery Rhyme Quiz

How familiar are you with your Nursery Rhymes? Challenge your guests by putting them right on the spot to check their memories to see just how much they remember of nursery rhymes.

You could even make small little groups of people to make it a bit easier and save on time if you are tight on time. It will include lots of singing in order to figure out their answers making it a very fun environment for everyone!

The Price is Right!

I think it is safe to say almost everyone has seen the Price is Right and absolutely loves that game show, so why not bring part of the game show into your baby shower!

As you may have guessed, you will be provided with a list of items that you will need for your baby and have to guess the prices. Whoever has the total closest to the correct answer will win!

This is a practical and fun baby shower game that everyone can play.

Baby Bottle Guessing Game

For this one, you have to guess how many candies are inside of an 11 inch tall baby bottle! So very similar to the guess how many pieces of MNMs are in the jar.

It comes with 30 little guessing cards for your guests and at the end of the day you can have a grand prize for the winner or simply just reward them with some bragging rights – whichever works best for you!

Baby Bump or Beer Bump?

This game was just too fun to not share! If you have a group of people with a great sense of humor, this is the perfect game for everyone!

Each person will receive a cute Kraft-colored game card full of both women’s pregnant bellies and full round looking bellies that could resemble a pregnant belly.

The goal of this game is to go through each picture and identify if it is a baby belly or a beer belly! What a fun baby shower game that will surely bring lots of giggles too.

5-Pack of Baby Shower Games

Not interested in choosing separate games or perhaps you would prefer that everything is cohesive and matches nicely?

If this is you, this baby shower game set is perfect for you! It comes with 5 different games which include – baby predictions and advice, baby emoji Pictionary, Guess Who.. Mommy or Daddy, Happy Bingo and Baby Word Scramble!

They are in the perfect gender-neutral Kraft paper colored thick paper, adorably baby-themed, and the perfect variety.

This 5-pack comes with an Emoji and Word Scramble key so that you will have the answers conveniently ready without having to create one yourself making it the perfect open and go activity set!

It’s Baby Time!

Celebrating at baby showers is such a fun and special time not only for the parents but for everyone who is going to be a part of the babies life. Enjoy the time with your family and friends and be sure to make lots and lots of photos.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the baby shower, we have a few ideas for you!

We totally loved our Ollie Swaddle, ErgoBaby Carrier and our Nuby cups to name a few.

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