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3 Easy Exercises for Pregnant Women

Most pregnant women can greatly benefit from exercising during pregnancy. Exercise not only will help you to feel better physically, but it also has the potential of decreasing the length of your labor and the pain that accompanies it. 

pregnant women doing exercises.

If you are in good physical condition before having your baby, you also are more likely to recover quickly after giving birth. Consult your doctor before attempting any type of exercise during pregnancy to make sure that it is safe for you specifically. These exercises are simple, and you can do them in the comfort of your home.


You don’t have to be a professional or go out to a party to enjoy dancing. You can dance right at home and improve your cardiovascular system while you’re having fun.

Dance in a way that doesn’t compromise your sense of balance, which can be off-kilter once you begin growing during pregnancy. 

Avoid making sudden jerks or jumps. Moving for 15 to 30 minutes in a low-impact way increases your physical stamina, benefits your heart and lungs, and produces feel-good endorphins.

Other low-impact activities that you could do without a gym membership include walking or riding a stationary bike.

pregnant lady dancing with a head of broccoli.

Kegel Squeezes

Not only do you not need a gym membership to do Kegel exercises, but you can do these exercises almost anywhere and at any time without anyone around you know what’s going on!

Kegels strengthen your muscles in the areas of your vagina, uterus, bladder, and rectum. 

To perform a Kegel, contract your pelvic muscles as if you were trying to stop urinating once you had already started. Squeeze for five seconds and release.

Do this eight to ten times.

Practicing Kegel exercises regularly can make your muscles better equipped to deliver a baby, and they can help to prevent post-delivery conditions like hemorrhoids and bladder leakage.


Stretching is a very gentle yet beneficial exercise that will benefit you during your pregnancy. Yoga stretches help you to become more physically flexible while learning relaxed breathing techniques that can be useful during delivery. The “cat” pose in yoga can help to relieve sore back muscles. 

Perform this pose by getting on your hands and knees and raising your belly upward so that your back arches. Do this slowly while focusing on your breathing, and using an exercise ball while stretching also is helpful for developing balance and strength in your core muscles. 

You can sit on an exercise ball, extend your arms and lock your fingers together. Then raise your arms over your head and slowly bend side to side.

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healthy pregnant woman doing gymnastic at home

In Conclusion– Pregnancy and Working Out

We hope these simple exercises help you feel better during your pregnancy. Feel free to share your experience while doing them in the comments below.