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7 Must Have Halloween Decorations

7 Must Have Halloween Decorations

I can’t believe it is that time of the year already! It’s time to start planning for our Halloween decorations and parties.

It’s so exciting to be thinking about fall time, Halloween and spooky times of the year. All the fun ways to decorate and get ready for Halloween as a family.

7 Fun Halloween Decorations from Amazon

1. Light Shows are fun ways to decorate your yard for all your Halloween guests to see.

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You can get so many variations of different light shows and you can even get ones for different holidays. You can be prepared for every holiday now with the flip of a light switch.

Most projectors can even be used indoors with the stable base set up too. If you do use it outside, it is waterproof too! It is a low voltage use, which is great for safety and energy consumption.

2. Giant Spider — This huge spider is ginormous. It is very realistic and 55 inches in size with vivid red eyes. Even though it’s large, it’s still light weight which is nice so you can hang it or put it in various locations to really bring the spooky look to the neighborhood.

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3. Lawn Signs — If you’re looking for more “cute” decorations, rather than, scary, these double-sided yard signs are the thing to decorate with. They have some adorable pumpkins and ghosts for the kids to enjoy. Since these are dual sided, your family can enjoy them from the outside of the house and looking through the windows from the inside.

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4. Halloween Bunting — This beautiful, large, almost five feet long pumpkin bunting piece can be found on Amazon for about 15 dollars (at the time of posting).

It hangs wonderfully from windows or front porch railings and will add character to your outdoor Halloween decor. You can leave it up all the time in the fall season. It’s perfect for that time of year.

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5. Classic Witch flew into a Tree — If you’re looking for the classic decoration if you have a yard full of trees, you must get the witch that looks like she has rode her broomstick into the tree!

It’s a decoration that everyone can enjoy. This thing has been around for ages, but, it still brings a smile to everyone’s faces. Such a classic and a must-have.

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6. Front door cover — If you’re just looking for something simple to jazz up the front porch. You can grab this Goblin front door cover right on Amazon. It’s 30″ wide by 72″ tall and super easy to tape to the door.

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7. Spider Web — No Halloween decoration set is complete without a huge spider web. This is a large, 16 foot spider web comes with two small spiders and can span up to 200 square feet! That’s a big web. Perfect for any size yard and front of the house. 

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Feel free to share your favorite Halloween decorations in the comments below. I can’t wait to see how you love to spook up your yard for the Halloween festivities!


FUN halloween decorations.



Friday 1st of September 2017

Great ideas - we love halloween at our house!


Friday 1st of September 2017

AHHH! I love halloween! This just made me so excited for the season. going to have to check some of these ones out for sure!


Friday 1st of September 2017

These are brilliant ideas. How fast, Halloween soon then Christmas ehh


Friday 1st of September 2017

These decoration ideas are great! I may have to use some for my new apartment this year! Thanks for the inspiration!


Friday 1st of September 2017

So awesome! We've just moved to a new neighborhood and everyone goes all out - thanks for the great ideas! :)

Monday 4th of September 2017

That sounds like a blast!