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Short and Cute Baby Girl Names

Short and Cute Baby Girl Names

When it comes to naming their daughters, parents choose cute baby names that are just as cute as their babies. You may find it difficult to choose a name for your child, especially if several people suggest the same.

You may want to avoid all these suggestions and look for some of the most beautiful Short And Cute Baby Girl Names with meanings for your little one.

Meaningful names should capture people’s imaginations along with sounding good at the same time.

Take a look at these names for your sweet baby girl if you need a cute name.

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Short And Cute Baby Girl Names

A great short name for a girl is hard to find, but we’ve compiled a list of several wonderful girl names you might consider.


A short and cute baby girl name, Ada has multiple meanings and origins. This three-letter word is an impeccable short name for your little one.

This is the name of Hebrew origin and means “Adornment”. It is also a name derived from the Germanic factor or element “adel-” which means “nobility”.


The name Zara is one of the most adorable names for girls. Zara means Radiance and it is the name of Arabic origin.

Meaning: Radiance, Blooming Flower


Amy is an elegant French baby girl name. It is of Latin origin and is derived from the word Amare, which means “Love”.

Isn’t that the most romantic name for your little love? It’s indeed.

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Dae is an impeccable name for boys and girls. It makes a cute little unisex name and is given to the babies by their parents who prefer gender-neutral baby names.

It is a name of Korean origin and means “Greatness” and “Shining Beloved”.


Kay is a short version of the Greek name Katherine. The meaning of the name Kay is “Pure”.


Tia is a female given name and has multiple origins and meanings. The Spanish meaning of this name is “Aunt” and the Greek one states it as “Princess”.


Skye has become a very popular name in Scotland, Australia, England, and Wales in recent times. This name simply means “Sky” and it is the name of English origin.


One more unisex baby name Rene is the name of French origin and is considered a classic name for girls.

Meaning: Rebirth


Ruth is the name of Hebrew origin. The biblical meaning of the name Ruth is “Friend” or “Companion”. This is one of the top most Short And Cute Baby Girl Names.


A very cute and tiny name of Latin origin, Vivi depicts “liveliness”. This is a perfect short name for your little baby girl.


Described as a diminutive of Hebrew name Rachel Rae is a female version of the masculine name Ray.

Meaning: ewe or female sheep

I’m sure you’ve selected an elegant name for your newborn from this list. You will be able to smile in pride when your baby wears these easy-to-spell and easy-to-pronounce names.

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