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Educational and Affordable Gifts for 4 Year Olds Under $25

Finding educational and affordable gifts for 4 year olds doesn’t have to be hard. But don’t worry, in this day and age, it can be as easy as logging right onto Amazon!

Educational and Affordable Gift Ideas for 4 year olds

DISCLOSURE: Prices can vary at any point in time and may even change throughout the day from Amazon. These prices were the prices at the time of writing this post. The product boxes may change the price as Amazon does or it may not reflect the current price. Check with Amazon for price before purchase.

It can feel overwhelming though, I get it. But don’t you worry, we have you covered here.  

I created this list for you to see what gifts a 4 year old (and their parents) would be thrilled to open. These gifts are educational, super fun, and all under $25!

Want to see some awesome gifts for 4 year olds? Keep on reading…

Gifts Under $25

Amusing Star Projector Light for Kids

Know an aspiring astronaut? Then this projector light is for them! Trust me, it comes in every color imaginable and will light up their room in the most magnificent ways. As it spins they will sit in wonder as they watch the moon and stars spin by. 

[amazon box=”B083ZRKTJS” template=”horizontal” description_items=1]

Magnetic Blocks

In case you aren’t aware, magnatiles are the best gift for kids. They get to build and create in ways that will surprise you while they build up the engineering part of their brains. 

Moms love this kit because the magnets are extra secure and their size is even easier to store. Grab these Castle Magnetic Blocks HERE.

[amazon box=”B07TYLXYLF” template=”horizontal” description_items=1]

Drawing Stencils for Kids

If you know a kid that is passionate about art and creating new things, then you definitely want to look at this Stencil Kit for kids. It is the perfect independent activity while strengthening their hand muscles for writing. 

Not to mention all of the creativity that will come out of a stencil kit like this!

[amazon box=”B07CWGJS66″ template=”horizontal” description_items=1]

Gifts Under $15

My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things

4 is the age where you have to know everything at all times. The world is expanding so quickly in their little minds, which is why the book “My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things†is the perfect gift. 

My 4 year old LOVED this book and I know that yours will too! It was the perfect book to sit and look at on long car rides or on the couch before bedtime. 

[amazon box=”146544968X” template=”horizontal” description_items=1]

Orden LCD Writing Tablet

There isn’t a 4 year old out there that wouldn’t love this writing tablet! They can practice their writing, express their creativity with a lot of doodles, or play games like tic tac toe. 

Gifts like these are great for young kids to get them off of electronics and expressing themselves with the super fun rainbow background. 

This is a great gift at a great price!

[amazon box=”B07Z1KML8G” template=”horizontal” description_items=1]

Jump Rocket Launch For Kids

I originally got this Jump Rocket Launch for my kids as a birthday present when they turned 4 and it was the hit of the party with all of the kids (and some of the dads, if I’m being honest).

The setup was so easy and each kid takes a turn to see how high they can shoot the rocket. Any guess on who won?!?

Any 4 year old who gets this gift will play with it for hours- this is a great present!

[amazon box=”B07W3SFLWQ” template=”horizontal” description_items=1]

These are great gifts for 4 year olds if you’re looking for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, Easter gifts or any other gifts throughout the year!

Share your favorites in the comments below.

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