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10 Super Foods That Reduce Stress Naturally

The diet that you consume each day can reduce your stress naturally so that you don’t need to take medications that cause unpleasant side effects. Make sure to create meal plans that contain these foods so that you can have less anxiety.

Foods That Reduce Stress Naturally

foods that reduce stress


Spinach is a highly nutritious dark leafy green that contains iron, vitamin C and tryptophan. When you consume tryptophan, it helps to calm your mind along with relaxing your nervous system. Use spinach in salads and on sandwiches.


Oranges contain vitamin C and antioxidants that will boost your body’s immune system. With a healthier immune system, the cortisol levels in your body will decrease, helping to reduce your anxiety.


It is important to consume protein each day, and salmon contains antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids and protein. Omega-3 fatty acids help to create a healthy brain that can withstand the daily stresses that occur at work or school.


Delicious blueberries are considered a superfood that is recommended for making smoothie beverages or baked goods. This fruit contains the antioxidants, iron and vitamin A that your body requires to overcome the bad effects of a stressful lifestyle.

I love making a little bowl of blueberries to snack on when I’m at home, but I also take them on the run with me, too. People might look at you funny when you’re eating blueberries at the kids’ soccer games, but they’re so easy to bring along anywhere.


When you eat almonds, you are ingesting vitamin E which helps to reduce the free radicals in your body’s cells. If you are experiencing stress, then your body’s glands release hormones that will damage the cells in your mind and body, but almonds can repair this damage. Eating a handful of almonds is also heart-healthy, too.


Avocados contain several types of vitamin B, and this nutrient helps to reduce your mind’s anxiety levels. You can use avocado slices in a salad, or you can mash avocado to create a tasty dip for tortilla chips. Sometimes we eat slices of avocado alongside eggs served Sunnyside up or on a lunch plate with slices of tomato. It’s so good on its own that you don’t have to overthink how to add this superfood to your diet.

Dark Chocolate

When you feel anxious, you may crave dark chocolate because this delicious treat contains a lot of antioxidants. By eating a small amount of dark chocolate each day, you can have a reduction in the fight-or-flight chemicals in your body.

This is a fun one, too. Who can resist a piece of chocolate especially when it has its health benefits? One little trick that we do at our house is that we have a small stash of dark chocolate chips that we keep in the pantry for when we need a little stress reducer.


After eating asparagus, the vitamin B in this vegetable helps your brain to produce dopamine. This chemical improves your overall mood so that you feel less anxious on a daily basis.

After washing and trimming asparagus, simply place them on a baking sheet with some olive oil, salt, & pepper and roast them in the oven until tender. They make a great addition to any meal.


Begin your day with a bowl of hot steel-cut oatmeal. When you are experiencing stress, it is important to eat comfort foods, and warm oatmeal helps your brain to release serotonin that will improve your mood. Making oatmeal part of your daily routine has other benefits, too — it’s also good for your heart.


Turkey has a lot of tryptophan that will increase the amount of serotonin in the pleasure center of your brain. By eating roasted turkey or having a turkey sandwich, you can reduce your stress levels.