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Second Trimester To Do List

Second Trimester To Do List

Since our first trimester to do list post did so amazingly well, I figured it was time to start working on a second trimester checklist and to do list post. So, let’s get started!

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What to do in the Second Trimester of Pregnancy

Spread the word

One of the most exciting things to do this trimester is to share the news with everyone! If you were cautious to share during the first trimester, now is the time to share with those who you would like to know.

You’ll start showing soon so it may be a question that people are already thinking.

The risk for miscarriage lowers drastically after the first trimester. So, if that was your hold back, it is less likely to happen now and it would be okay to share your exciting news now.

Get your Anatomy Scan

If baby cooperates, this may be when you can find out the gender, if you’re interested. This exam is WAY MORE than just finding out the gender of the baby.

The sonographer has a list of images that they are required to get of baby from head to toe to check out the internal organs and bone structures of your baby.

Keep in mind this anatomy scan is to look at the overall health and get updated measurements on baby to see how baby is growing. It’s to check on the health of the baby- NOT just the gender of the baby.

To find out more about what to expect during your ultrasound appointments, check out the ultrasound post. This is a very exciting scan because the baby is starting to look more and more like a baby and less alien like.

If you have felt baby move already, it’s fun to see them move on screen and see if you can feel it at the same time.

Discuss childcare options for when/if you are returning to work

This can be hard for some couples to discuss and make decisions on. I feel like a lot of mothers would love to stay home with their children, at least for the first couple years.

But, the question is, is it financially possible to do that?

There are a couple factors you need to keep in mind when discussing your options. Can family help out?

We are blessed and thankful that my mother offered to help out with childcare. Can friends help?

Is it cost effective to put the baby in day care versus what the mother would make working?

For some families, it costs more money to put the child in day care than the mother would be making. So, financially it makes way more sense for her to be a stay at home mother.

I put the work in and built up my Pinterest Virtual Assistant business enough that I could quit my outside the home job and I now work from home and don’t have to miss a beat with my girls! If working online and working from home is something that is of interest to you, check out these side hustles for moms! 

Plan the nursery (and get started on it if you can)

This is a fun thing to start thinking about. If you know the gender, that may help spark some ideas going around. But, it’s not something you have to know to get started on the nursery.

You can find tons of fun ideas and inspiration on Pinterest.

The second trimester of pregnancy can be exciting. Now that you're hopefully feeling better and have more energy, here is a list of some things you should try to get done during this trimester before you get too anxious or tired in your third trimester of pregnancy. #secondtrimester #pregnancytips #preggolife #pregnancy #whattoexpect

Hospital Tour

If you aren’t familiar with your hospital or birthing center, check with the hospital to see when they recommend you do a Hospital tour.

This is when they’re supposed to take you around and show you the labor area, delivery area, recovery area if necessary.

Some hospitals show the NICU (just in case), some do not. Your significant other can find the vending machines and cafeteria or other eating facilities.

You can plan the quickest parking area and route for when it is go time.

Unfortunately, with our first daughter, the hospital tour is something we were unable to do. I went in to premature labor at 25 weeks and we found our way in shock and fear to the labor and delivery unit.

We had two more stays at the hospital due to the complications before we had her.

So, we felt that we had been to the hospital enough times to know our route and we had stayed in multiple rooms and knew what to expect- for the most part.

Besides, I was on bed rest and was only allowed to leave the house for doctor appointments. 

Birthing classes and figure out your preferential birth plan

Birthing classes are optional. Some couples want to take them to get an idea of what to expect and others opt out of it.

Dave and I were just discussing the idea of whether or not we wanted to attend a class before I went in to premature labor with our first child.

So, those classes went out the window. I wasn’t able to take them. Once it was actually time to have her, I don’t think they would have done me much anyway.

I had an amazing OB and a great set of nurses who made the actual delivery as smooth as possible considering the conditions.

As for a birthing plan, for us, that was a day by day situation. I preferred to have a natural birth, but knew C-section may be a possibility with the pregnancy complications we were experiencing.

So, each couple may have a different birth plan. Some couples choose a birthing center with midwives not at a hospital. Some people choose a planned cesarian over a natural birth and some choose to birth at home.

There are quite a few options to decide upon, so make sure to discuss them so both of you are clear on the preferred plan. If you’re thinking a cesarian might be necessary or the route you choose, we had a guest writer share her tips on recovering from a c-section

Tell your employer, if you haven’t already

Share the exciting news with your employer! Now is also the time to figure out if you have maternity leave, how long it is and if you’ll have paperwork to fill out ahead of time.

Find out if you have Short and Long Term Disability and what the plan is for when you go out to have the baby. Some employers even have paternity leave, which may be something your significant other may be interested in looking into.

Plan your Shower and Register

If you are the one planning your shower, now is the time to start discussing ideas with people who may also be involved. If someone else is throwing it- make sure you have your registry completed.

There are quite a few places to make baby registries at. One of our favorite places to make one is on Amazon-Create an Amazon Baby Registry! A lot of the time, Amazon offers some kind of free gift for making a registry with them- sometimes it’s free wipes, diapers or a discount code.

Make sure to check them out! If you’re looking for a list of registry suggestions off of Amazon, check out this post. If you’re making a registry at one of the baby stores, make sure to see our every mom’s must have registry items 

Get Maternity and Nursing Clothing

I found so many awesome maternity and nursing clothing items from Amazon as well! I couldn’t wait to wear the new clothing. The awesome thing about them is, they have access to so many brands and labels.

They also have a free return policy on most items. I love that we have Amazon Prime because it makes it easy to get things quickly and efficiently.

I loved the items I got from Amazon so much that I still wear some of them postpartum 🙂 Plus, I’ll have them for the next time around.

Start looking for a Pediatrician

You may or may not know who you already want to use for a pediatrician. I would check with your insurance to see who they cover and then start looking at doctors from there. We knew who we wanted for our pediatrician before we were even pregnant.

Our pediatrician had such a great reputation in our area and a few of my other mommy friends used that office, so I was sold! Try to get an interview with the doctor before hand.

It will help make the first couple visits go smoothly and you’ll feel more comfortable with the doctor and your newborn.

If you’re interested, we have a free printable of questions to take with you to the pediatrician interview, make sure to check that post out.


If you plan on breastfeeding- you MUST check out this ecourse, The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class, from Milkology. You’ll learn so much and be prepared to properly and safely breastfeed once your little one finally arrives.

You want to make sure to get this ecourse and finish it by your due date so you’re mentally ready prepared for this other part of motherhood. Good luck!

As a second time mom, I have learned so much from it! I’m so thankful to have taken the course.

Extra 2nd Trimester IMPORTANT Things To Do

Continue An Exercise Program

As long as your doctor has cleared you to continue an exercise program, most mama’s can continue to work out just the same as the did before the became pregnant.

Here’s the TOP pregnancy exercise program that I HIGHLY recommend every pregnant mama.

You can even find the complimenting nutrition program to help you have a healthy and nutritious diet throughout your pregnancy and provide your growing baby with all the nutrients he or she needs.

Continue A Healthy Diet

As you’ll find in motherhood, you will need a lot of convenient things. Don’t let your diet suffer because of this. Instead, use a healthy shake to help make sure you get all the health nutrients you and your baby need during this pregnancy.

Bonus to do list item

Have you downloaded the FREE Pumping Session in Progress Downloadable Printable to hang on your door so others know you’re busy feeding or providing food for your little one?

So, that’s our top ten things you should try to get done during your second trimester of pregnancy! Congrats on making it this far and we hope you have a great rest of the pregnancy.

If you have any ideas to add to this to do list, feel free to share them below in the comments section. Can’t wait to read them!

Welcome to your second trimester! We have put together a list of things for you to do during this exciting time in your pregnancy. Time to find out what to do during your second trimester of pregnancy


Sunday 24th of September 2017

I'm in my 2nd trimester with my 4th baby is this list is great! I highly recommend Mamas check out their hospital as early as possible after having 2 preemies. The experience of birthing your child is exciting but stressful when you add a preemie to it and it's extra stressful.

Jen Smith

Friday 22nd of September 2017

Saving this for later!

JOrdan | Read. Eat. Repeat.

Thursday 21st of September 2017

Good tips! We were planning to wait to tell people until the second trimester with my first daughter but then I got sick as a dog on vacation and we had to tell family members that were with us so they wouldn't make me go to the doctor. I already knew what was wrong ha ha.

Thursday 21st of September 2017

I bet they were excited to find out. It was unfortunate you got sick on vacation though!!!

Jessica Bradshaw

Thursday 21st of September 2017

These are great! I am sending them to my sister-in-law. She is currently in her second semester and would love to see this.

Thursday 21st of September 2017

Thanks for sharing. I wish her the best of luck :)


Thursday 21st of September 2017

And if you haven't already get that FMLA paperwork filled out!! As a HR professional I can say this is the most misunderstood benefit.

Thursday 21st of September 2017

YES! This is soooo important, great point!!!! I need to add that!