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Paperclip Diaper Bag

Paperclip Diaper Bag

If you’re looking for a stylish, eco-friendly, functional diaper bag, you’re going to love this Paperclip Diaper Bag. It’s perfect for both mom and dad to carry, not too feminine and not too masculine. It has a place for everything you need and want to bring with you. Allow us to share all the amazing features of this diaper bag with you.

Why Choose A Paperclip Diaper Bag?

  • They’re cute and stylish
  • Functional bags
  • Great for both Mom & Dad
  • Easy to carry laptop as well
  • Has a diaper changing station with privacy sides to help baby stay safe from rolling out. This diaper changing station is also detachable so you can use it wherever you need, quickly and safely even when those uncalled for blowouts happen
  • Built to keep both baby and parents clean and happy
  • Eco-friendly made from recycled materials
  • The exterior flap and zipper pulls are made from vegan or simulated leather
  • Comes with a key/fob clip – no more digging and pulling everything out to find your keys
  • 90 day guarantee- You have 90 days to trial it out, if you aren’t 100% satisfied, you can return your product for a refund, no questions asked.

Paperclip Diaper Bag Styles

This Diaper Bag company made various styles that have become quite popular. We think all of these diaper bags, especially the black versions are the perfect gender-neutral diaper bags! Here are the beautiful styles to choose from.

Willow LE Paperclip Diaper Bag Features:

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This Diaper Bag is so functional and useful, you’re going to love it. Here are some of the sweet Willow LE features:

  • Integrated, fold out changing station– no more scrambling looking for a clean changing station in the restroom only to find a broken one or not on available at all.
  • Two padded cubbies (interior) to customize your diaper bag toolbox– put whatever you need in these cubbies, we think these cubbies are perfect for bottles or sippy cups.
  • Zippered side pocket– easy place to store your personal valuables
  • Large mesh pocket– store whatever you need and easily see it in the mesh pocket- we think swaddle blankets, burp cloths or bibs would go great here.
  • Padded laptop pocket (up to 15″)– What other diaper bag comes with a spot for your laptop so you can work on the go?!?! That’s right, this beautifull Willow Diaper Bag by Paperclip does!
  • Straps to convert the diaper bag to a messenger bag– once your little outgrows the need for a diaper bag, you can use this as a work bag, or you can just carry it messenger bag style. Stylish, functional and cute.
  • Luggage slide for carry on– make traveling with your child a breeze. Easily slide your diaper bag onto yoru luggage and have them stay connected all throughout your trip. This company has really thought of everything.
  • Built in zippered wet bag– A wet bag is a necessity for every diaper bag. You will always have one built into your bag here and you’ll be happy to use it when you have soiled clothes, diapers, etc that need to stay separate until you can get home safely to clean them.
  • Easy access, on flap zipper– no more fumbling around trying to get into the laptop pocket. The zipper is on top with easy access so you can get your items in a flash.
  • Padded cushioned backpack straps– easily carry this diaper bag as a backpack. This seems to be dad’s favorite way to lug a diaper bag around, so make it easy and comfortable for him with these cushioned straps.
  • Small mesh pocket– again, easy to see in your diaper bag and know where things are with pockets and cubbies that you can easily see and get to. This is great for diaper rash cream, small toys and an extra change of clothes.
  • Padded open expanding pocket– have more space for what you need in this expanding pocket. Great place to store your diapers and wipes.
  • Integrated station zippered pocket (exterior)– another easy place to store necessities that you need quick, fast and in a hurry.
  • Eco-friendly- The exterior twill is made from 100% recycled nylon and the interior is made from 100% recycled polyester
  • Available in Burgundy and Royal Blue

Willow Diaper Bag Features:

The Willow Diaper Bag is similar to the LE version with the exception of a few features. This is by far, our favorite gender neutral diaper bag! See all the Willow’s features here:

  • Changing station rolls out in seconds that is detachable and machine washable
  • Eco-friendly: Exterior polyester is made from 100% recycled plastics
  • The clasps, grommets & zipper pull hardware are made from high quality materials
  • Includes shoulder straps that clip-on in seconds to switch to a messenger bag
  • Wide mouth opening that lets you get into your bag with ease
  • Luggage slides that free up your arms and shoulders while traveling with a little one
  • Useful cubbies and storage areas inside and out
  • Comfortable and soft shoulder pads
  • Large side pocket to keep your valuables safe and easily accessible
  • Padded laptop sleeve so you can work while caring for baby
  • Available in Black

Jojo Plus Diaper Bag Features:

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  • Has the same integrated, fold out diaper changing station with sidewalls to keep baby in the changing station safely and is interchangable with any of the Paperclip Diaper Bags.
  • Has adjustable padded straps that help make using the bag super comfy
  • Padded cubbies to organize your storage space, just like the other paperclip bags
  • Expandable outer pocket- perfect for a water bottle
  • Large mesh interior pocket- perfect for a change of clothes
  • Oversized zipper outter pocket- great ways to put your personal belongings for easy access
  • Built in wet zipper pouch – great place to store soiled clothes or anything else wet
  • Small mesh pocket- great for diaper rash cream or lotion
  • Integrated station zipper pocket- great place to store belongings
  • Available in Black

Jojo Diaper Plus LE (limited edition) Bag Features:

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This bag has a lot of similiarities to the Jojo Plus bag, with a few limited edition features.

  • Still includes the detachable, machine washable, diaper changing station that rolls out in seconds with safe sidewalls to keep baby safe in the changing station. It’s interchangable with all of the other Papercip bags too.
  • Exterior twill is made from 100% recycled nylon and interior is made from 100% recycled polyester.
  • Exterior flap and all zipper pulls are made from vegan leather
  • All clasps, grommets and hardware are made from high quality materials
  • Super comfy cushioned straps
  • Wide mouth opening to help you see easily inside your bag and to reduce digging time
  • 2 Exterior side pockets that expand
  • Extra large outter pocket, perfect for your valuables
  • Internal cubbies to help keep your bag organized
  • Available in Burgundy and Royal Blue

Jojo Mini Diaper Bag Features:

JOjo Mini bag.
Image is from Paperclip website (not our picture- we do not take credit for it)

This Jojo Mini diaper bag is smaller and more compact and is perfect for parents always on the go. This is a great bag to transition to when your baby has transitioned out of diapers and no longer needs the changing station in the other Paperclip bags but you still want an eco-friendly, functional bag for all your toddlers needs.

  • As with all the other Paperclip bags, the exterior is made of 100% recycled materials
  • Has a large outter pocket
  • Includes an expandable side storage pocket
  • Has an internal pocket
  • The exterior flap and pulls are all made from simulated leather
  • The internal fabric and zippers are nylon
  • Same cushioned straps for comfort
  • Keep in mind this diaper bag does NOT include a detachable, washable diaper changing station
  • Available in Black, Ocean Blue, and Stone Grey

Wolf Pack Bag Features:

Wolf Pack from Paperclip.
This image is from the Paperclip website- we do not claim credit for it.

This Wolf Pack bag was inspired by the classic fanny pack. It’s great for once you’ve transitioned away from the need for a diaper bag in general but still want something to hold your keys, snacks, wallet and a few other small things.

Just like the diaper bags, this fanny pack type bag has some amazing features:

  • The exterior polyester is made from 100% recycled plastic
  • The exterior flap and pulls are made from simulated leather
  • The internal fabrics, straps, zippers and webbing are all nylon
  • It has an adjustable waist belt designed to fit moms of various sizes
  • Has a double zipper closure
  • Includes an internal key/fob clasp
  • Has 3 internal pockets and a rear security pocket

How Big Is The Wolf Pack?

Just like a fanny pack, the Paperclip Wolf Pack is small. It’s 6.3″ H x 13.4″ W x 2.8″ D and it only weighs 0.4 pounds. The perfect fanny pack size!

How Do You Clean The Paperclip Diaper Bag Changing Station?

This is super simple to clean, just use warm soapy water and a dry cloth to wipe clean and let the changing station air dry.

The changing station 24″ long and 10.5″ wide. It’s the same size for all the styles of diaper bags.

How Big Is The Diaper Bag?

It’s big enough to hold what you need and not too bulky or uncomfortable.

Both the Willow and the Willow LE are 13.4″ in height x 14.5″ wide and 7.1″ deep. It weighs 3.61 pounds. So, they’re the perfect size and nice and light.

The Jojo Plus diaper bags and the Jojo Plus LE bags are slightly taller than the Willow bags, being 16.1″ in height x 12.2″ wide (slightly skinnier than the Willow) and 7.5″ deep (just vaguely deeper than the Willow bags). This bag is also a little lighter than the Willow bags being 2.95 pounds.

The Jojo Mini bag is 13.1″ in height x 8.3″ wide and 4.7″ in depth. It is super light at only 1 pound.

Other diaper bag and diaper bag necesseties:

Have you read our Cloth Diaper 101 post? It helps you learn about cloth diapers and homemade cloth wipes. You can easily store both your wipes and diapers in these diaper bags.

If disposable diapers are more your style, don’t miss out on these diaper buying hacks to save some real money!

There are a few accessories you can purchase for these bags that we plan to discuss in a future post too.

We hope you enjoyed learning about the various styles of Paperclip Diaper Bags and we hope that you found your dream diaper bag for your baby.

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