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Why we switched to a BackPack Diaper Bag

Why we switched our Diaper Bag

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I remember when I was pregnant and trying to pick out the perfect diaper bag. I wanted one that was big enough to carry everything that I needed but not too big and bulky that I wouldn’t be able to shove in under the stroller or in between the front and back seat of the car. I wanted a cute one, but was looking for a gender neutral- ish one that I could use for Caroline and whatever gender our eventual next baby will be. I remember looking at Babies R Us one day and just standing there in awe that their were so many types, styles, colors and variations of diaper bags.

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I picked out an absolute adorable bag. I loved that it came with a changing pad, bottle holder, pacifier holder, stroller straps and so much more. It could be used as a cross over your shoulder bag, or by the shorter handles, carried like a purse by your side or over one shoulder. I loved it- I still love it. But, it wasn’t as functional as I would have liked it to be. We used the bag for a couple months, it was fantastic, or so we thought. We didn’t know any better. I went back to work, drug Caroline to my mom’s house in the morning, up the stairs in her carseat and the bag on my shoulder. The bag would smack the side of the house as I walked up the steps. I just figured it was a wide- load new mom learning how to handle carrying all the new baby gear. I didn’t think anything of it.

Dave registered for a daddy backpack diaper bag. He didn’t necessarily want to carry around the big diaper bag, if he had a choice. We got it as like a back up, figuring if any time he would take Caroline out by himself, like if he was meeting up with me after work somewhere, he would have a diaper bag that was ready to go. It didn’t really get used until we were getting ready to go out of state on vacation. As we were packing to go to Florida, we realized Caroline literally had the biggest bag of the three of us. She had so much stuff. Since she has a dairy and soy allergy- she has to be on special ready to feed formula. We had to take so much of it. The millions of diapers and wipes. Outfits, bibs and burp cloths galore. She totally out packed daddy and mommy put together. So, instead of lugging the larger diaper bag around the airport and eventual theme parks we would see in Florida, we opted to take Daddy’s backpack bag down. I didn’t realize how much this would change our baby packing life! For more traveling with infant tips- check out the traveling tips post. 

We were still able to pack the necessities in the backpack diaper bag, so we were happy. When we were at the airport, I realized how much this was going to change our trip. I was able to strap Caroline to the front of me in her favorite baby wearing carrier, while I could wear the back pack on my back and still have both arms free to do as we needed.

Since we had three bags, I was able to pull one behind me- no problem. Plus, I still had one other arm free to open doors, pick up things, etc. I felt even more mobile and it was so freeing. We got down to Florida and went about our activities. We went to theme parks, shopping areas and even the grocery store and Dave and I both agreed that it was much easier to wear the backpack diaper bag than to lug around the big shoulder diaper bag. We could use the stroller with ease and had more room for our trinkets and gifts in the bottom of the stroller than not having any room for anything else with the big shoulder bag.

Once we got home from vacation, I never even thought about switching back to our old diaper bag. I still love it and use it for some things. But, our every day diaper bag is definitely daddy’s backpack version. When my mom watches her during the week, she has even commented how much easier it is to get around and even in and out of the car with Caroline now that we use the diaper bag version.

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These are the few reasons that we decided to make the switch to our daddy backpack diaper bag. I’m sure everybody has their own opinion. But, if you’re on the edge about what bag to get or unsure if you want to make the switch, that’s our advice for ya!


Feel free to share your diaper bag ideas, stories and choices below in the comments 🙂

one sharp mama,


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Friday 8th of September 2017

Nice tips! I have been seeking for things like that for a while currently. Thanks!


Thursday 31st of August 2017

This is a great idea! We use a cross body that I love but it does kill my shoulder while trying to carry my littles. I may need to switch over soon!

Friday 1st of September 2017

Backpacks definitely help even out the weight and it's still easy to carry a little one with one on. I hope you find one you like and it helps you too.


Thursday 31st of August 2017

Yes! I got a backpack for #3 - I insisted on it because I was so tired of bags falling off my shoulder. ESPECIALLY for travel and amusement parks. I recommend backpacks to new moms all the time.

Friday 1st of September 2017

YESSSS!!! I couldn't stand how often they just fell off my shoulder. No more of the those problems with the backpack bags, that's for sure.


Thursday 31st of August 2017

I agree! Backpack diaper bags are such a game changer! I absolutely love my JuJuBe BFF backpack diaper bag. I'm never going back to shoulder straps :)

Friday 1st of September 2017

I may have to check this JuJuBe brand out next. I've had multiple mamas comment how great they are!


Thursday 31st of August 2017

Ok, I'm cheating because my kiddos are huge. However, I have tons of nieces and nephews, so I thought I could share this post.

I'm definitely am! It just makes more sense to use a backpack. Wish I had thought of that 11 years ago when I had my last baby. :)

Thursday 31st of August 2017

Thanks so much for sharing!