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10 Free Activities to do with a Baby

Free family fun

If you’re looking for a fun activity to do with your baby, check out this post! I’ve compiled a list of free FUN activities you can do with your baby and the rest of your family. Everyone will have a good time 🙂 Sometimes, I just need a change in the routine.

Every once in a while, when I actually have some spare time, I want to do something different with Caroline and don’t really feel like spending a ton of money. Granted, these activities aren’t going to mean much to her at almost 6 months of age, but, they’re activities that I can do with her now and as she gets older. The best part is, they’re cheap or free activities.

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Top 10 Free Activities to do with a Baby:

1. Go for a walk outside:

Simple. Free. Great for your body and your baby. Nothing like a good day of fresh air and a couple miles under your belt. My daughter LOVES being in her stroller. She thinks it’s the coolest thing to sit back, relax and take in all the sites. We are lucky enough that we have a walking trail by my in laws house.

We also have an awesome trail by our old house, not far from where we live now. It’s a great trail, changes scenery a lot and winds down by the Bay. Great landscape picture taking abilities while you’re getting in some exercise.

Caroline also loves to be in the “kangaroo pouch” as we call it. She loves to be “worn” and see everything from our point of view. I have shared our thoughts on baby wearing on quite a few posts on the blog.

We have quite a few favorite carriers. Our first favorite was the Infantino carrier. But now a days, you can catch Caroline in our Ergobaby carrier or the Lille Baby Carrier.  (If you want to see our other MUST HAVE baby items). Walks are a fun free activity in our household!

2. Cook something:

Anytime I actually have time to cook, Caroline is in the kitchen. She’s usually in her Bumbo seat watching me run around the room. I didn’t want to pay full price for mine, so I ended up finding them at a consignment shop for about this price! So grab a brand new one for CHEAP! Hurrrrrry!

Anyway, like I said, grab some stuff in the kitchen and get to making a yummy meal or snack. I usually talk to Caroline as I’m cooking to try and keep her engaged so she’s not upset or making a mess.

3. Read a book together:

So, for the past couple holidays, we have gotten Caroline mostly books for presents. Family members have also done the same.

I have recently found a pile or two of books that I kept from my childhood for my children. So, needless to say, we have TONS of books to read together.

Caroline is finally at the age where she will look at the book as I read and grab for the pages. She absolutely adores the books with the little finger puppets that come through them. They’re perfect size for her to hold on to and since they’re the board books, she can chew on them….because we all know- EVERYTHING goes in to my child’s mouth for her to gnaw on.

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4. Play Outside:

So, there’s tons to do outside! Depending on the age of your baby will depend on what you do with them. There are some neighborhoods that have play-sets with swings.

I’ve also seen Mommy and Me swings – where mom sits on one side of the swing and baby sits facing you on the other side. Super cute and fun looking.

If you’re home and looking to do some gardening, baby may enjoy laying and playing on a blanket in the grass while you work with some flowers. He or she might like sitting in the bumbo seat, playing with toys, in the grass.

If baby is a little older, maybe they can help you do little things in your project. Age depending, pick flowers in the grass, roll down the hill, play hopscotch, draw on the sidewalk/driveway with sidewalk chalk, ride bikes, etc. There are lots of fun things to do, just depends on the age of the kids.

If your child is old enough, our daughter loves playing outside on her water table. When it’s not warm enough to play outside, we bring it inside, take out the water and let her play with it as a play table.

We have your free list of activities to do with your family. We love family friendly activities, especially free activities!

5. Bake from scratch:

Kinda like the number 2 idea. Bake something from scratch.

Homemade treats from scratch always taste so much better! We love making our Dairy and Soy Free Brownies. To me, they’re better than any boxed version! I will never buy boxed brownies ever again!

6. Make a DIY project:

I wish I would have thought of this for Mother’s Day Weekend! I could have made some super cute keepsakes for my mother and my mother in law for gifts from Caroline.

I’ve seen some cute butterfly painted foot prints on different things like clay pots or canvas, whatever you have around the house. We all have extra craft things and craft ideas that we could do.

7. Walk the Mall and Window Shop:

This is a great form of exercise! Plus, you and baby get to watch the crazy people as they go by.

You can window shop and find things to buy later- if you really, really want them. People watching is always fun and it looks like Caroline is following mommy’s footsteps in finding that activity interesting too!

8. Take a Bike Ride:

So, I’ve seen some really awesome seats to put on your bicycle for the kids to sit in while you bike. I really want one.

I also need to make more time in my life to go for a bike ride. It would be such a good workout and Caroline would love the wind in her hair and all the sites she could see.

I see some awesome memories being made in the future!

9. Visit family:

If you’re lucky and have family that live semi close, take a little trip to go see them! They would love a little visit from the family and being around kids always brings a smile to your face!

10. Dance around the house:

This is one of my favorite things to do with Caroline. I can almost guarantee that on Tuesday’s – my day off from work- that at some point, we will be dancing around the living room. She thinks it’s so funny.

I’ll put on Pandora or something like that and we get down and Boogie! Sometimes she just sits in her Nemo Jumper and watch me and giggle. Always a good time! I know she will love this as she gets older too!

Just for the heck of it, we will throw in a bonus free activity that would benefit many people. VOLUNTEER! Granted, a baby might not get much out of it, but, slightly older children may. It also feels really good to give back to your community. Find a local volunteering project and hop to it.

But, my absolute favorite FREE ACTIVITY to do with my daughter is cuddle. She gives the best baby snuggles and warms my heart with every smile. Her little smile lights up the room. I know she won’t want to snuggle forever. So, I’m stealing all the snuggles I can now.

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Tuesday 22nd of August 2017

Such a great idea! I love how simple and practical these ideas are.


Monday 21st of August 2017

All great ideas! I used to love getting outside and taking walks when my oldest was a baby! Another really fun activity we enjoyed together was story time at our local library. It's free, and a great chance to meet other moms!


Monday 21st of August 2017

This is so good! Sometimes I feel like I get just plain STUCK not knowing what to do with my 8 month old!

Monday 21st of August 2017

Thanks for checking it out Laura.

Sarah Rogers

Monday 21st of August 2017

I would have to agree that my favorite "free" activity to do is SNUGGLE. They grow up so fast, so I try to embrace that special time. I also love story time and going for walks. Thanks for sharing!

Monday 21st of August 2017

Thanks for sharing Sarah! I love finding fun ways to hang out with the little ones.


Monday 21st of August 2017

Great ideas! My little one loves to go for walks and be outside. I've found though that since moving to AL we don't get outside as much because of the heat.