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The Secret to Increasing your Breastmilk Freezer Stash

The Secret to Increasing your Breastmilk Freezer Stash

Breastfeeding has so many benefits for your baby. Breastmilk can be like liquid gold where every drop is worth so much. Here’s a little secret on how to increase your breastmilk freezer stash so you can have a nice breastmilk backup supply for returning from maternity leave, in cases of emergency. 

It can be a lot on mama to try to keep up with feeding baby AND building an “extra stash”. 

This post was also sponsored by Fair Haven Health.

toddler laying drinking a bottle with a text overlay that says increase your breastmilk freezer stash with this secret.

If mama is going back to work and plans to continue to breastfeed, she needs to have a good milk stash in the freezer.

Using a breast pump is very helpful in starting that stash.

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Some mothers have a great milk supply and others need all the tips they can get to increase their supply.

Whether you have a great supply or need a boost, every drop of your milk is truly liquid gold.

For both of my daughters, I was lucky enough to have a very good milk supply. Our daughters latched well and breastfeeding was great.

(Minus the dairy and soy allergies, which ended our breastfeeding journey’s much earlier than I would have liked)

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Every time you have a “let down”, it happens on both sides.

While I was pumping or nursing my first daughter, I constantly found myself having to change nursing pads on the side I wasn’t pumping from or nursing from in the middle of a pumping or nursing session.

I was always bummed because I didn’t want to lose that milk each time as I just tossed the nursing pad in the trash.

I can only imagine how mama’s who have a low or small supply feel as they toss away that liquid gold.

Ready for that secret to stock up and build up that breastmilk freezer stash?

With our second daughter, I found Milk Savers!

milk saver

Using this is the secret to saving




of your precious milk.

With every pumping or nursing session, you insert the milk saver onto the side of the nursing bra that isn’t being used.

Anytime you have a let down or that side leaks while you pump or nurse, it catches the milk.

I was absolutely shocked the first time I used it. I got almost an extra 2 ounces of milk that would have been wasted.

milkies and breastmilk container
brestmllk saved in milkies

Almost Two ounces of milk that I saved! (This amount will vary from person to person, but, every little bit adds up) 2 ounces from one single session.

Have you downloaded the FREE Pumping Session in Progress Downloadable Printable to hang on your door so others know you’re busy feeding or providing food for your little one?

I was a believer and supporter of this product instantly.

This is a breastfeeding lifesaver!

This is how you can bulk up your breastmilk freezer stash.

No more throwing away a nursing pad full of breastmilk.

Every saved ounce of breastmilk adds up and increases that breastmilk freezer stash!

breastmilk freezer stash tips

This is how I stocked up our freezer drawer full of milk in a weekend of power pumping.

If you are one of the mama’s who is struggling with your supply- you need this!

If you’re a first time breastfeeding mom- you need this!

If you’re a seasoned breastfeeding veteran, you need this!

If you’re about to head back to work wondering how to bulk up that breastmilk freezer stash- you need this!

If you’re looking for a unique present for your breastfeeding mama friend or family member- they need this!

This would make a fantastic and very much appreciated baby shower gift for the next baby shower you have to go to.

The Milk Saver is super simple to use, absolutely nothing complicated.

I’ve even worn it around the house while I wasn’t pumping or nursing, just to save the extra stuff I would have leaked out while doing things around the house.

It’s easy to clean and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Making mom life even easier.

Where can you get a Milk Saver to bulk up that breastmilk stash?

Well, you can get them from Fair Haven Health or buy them on Amazon.

This is the perfect gift for the new mom.

Try some of these different breastfeeding positions while your nursing to see if you can get more of a letdown and increase your breastmilk stash.

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I hope this Milk Saver helps you build your breastmilk freezer stash in no time!

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Erin Haugerud

Tuesday 1st of January 2019

Ok that’s crazy!! I wish I knew about these with my last 2!!


Sunday 30th of December 2018

The milk saver is an amazing idea and so practical. I never had that device in my time. It would have saved some messy blouses


Saturday 29th of December 2018

I wish I would have had known about these a year ago! I'm still breastfeeding, but my boy's a toddler now and doesn't take a bottle, so I don't really need a freezer stash anymore. But it really would have come in handy during the newborn stage!


Friday 28th of December 2018

I remember struggling with this with my first baby for the first month. Thank goodness for some older women who helped. This is wonderful for those struggling.